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Tips for Defending Your Bug Out Location

A guest post from Megan Ray Nichols. When things go down, you'll need to be ready to defend your bug out site, whether it is...

The Ultimate Stealth Bug Out Vehicle

When the time comes that I need to leave my suburban fortress, I think I’m leaving the SUV behind.  I have a mountain bike,...

A Bug Out Bag for Frequent Flyers

Editors Note: A guest submission from Cellcounter about a different disaster you may have to factor into your prepper planning!. As always, if you have...
Bugging out to the woods.

Will You Survive If You Have to Bug out to the Forest?

If your survival plan doesn’t include a bug out to the forest option, it should, but coming up with a good plan might be more difficult that you think.

Practical Bug Out Reloading

With about $300 to $400 invested in reloading equipment, all those hundreds or even thousands of once fired brass casings can be reloaded for a tremendous savings over buying factory new ammunition.

Gear Guide for Your Bug Out Bag

When travelling, working from a vehicle or in a hostile environment it makes sense to keep all your important and essential equipment in a bug out bag.

Bug Out- Building a Load out Plan for Your Vehicle

Today I’m going to teach you one way to plan for a vehicle load out. Also I will help you develop a plan to secure the load so you can travel more safety.

The Importance of Your Knife and a Backup Bug out Bag

It would be terrible if after all the thought, time and effort put into making a bug out bag, that when you need it the most, it’s not within easy reach.

Bug Out Vehicle Load Plan

What if this simple bug out vehicle load plan could get your and your family on the road faster?

What to Consider Before You Bug out by Boat

You could conceivably bug out by boat if you live within a short drive from the coast, lake, large river or even stream. Before you throw in with Gilligan and the Skipper though, here are some things to consider.

Bug Out Bike: Good Idea or Death Trap?

One of the main problems preppers seem to be drawn to solve is the very realistic potential of having to drop everything and bug out of your home in a moment’s notice. Today I want to focus on one potential answer to the bugging out problem, the bug out bike.

What to Pack in a Household Emergency Bug out Bag

The purpose of a Household Emergency Bug out Bag is to have a small bag ready with supplies and resources you may need if you were forced to temporarily abandon your house due to an extremely localized emergency (just you).

Are You Always Ready to Bug Out?

Some say it all boils down to what you are prepping for – some sort of national emergency, oil crises, natural disaster, mass civil unrest, pandemic, etc. No matter the reason, it doesn't really matter unless you are always ready to bug out.

Lessons Learned: One Year After Moving to Our Bug out Location

post-TSHTF, it’ll be an even bigger change. We (my family) still have Internet, vehicles, gasoline, washing machine… for now.

Bug out Bags and Survival Vests

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from Mike Turner. For those of you who don't remember, Mike won...

But I Don’t Want to Bug Out!

Are you comfortable and secure in your home? Would you still be comfortable and secure if you no longer had electricity or natural gas service?

Beyond the Bug Out Bag

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from Ben Wallace. If you have information for Preppers that you would...

Prepper Problem Solving – Creating a Bug Out Bike and Trailer Rig

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from David Paul Smith.   Prepping is an attitude of being prepared. Very few...

Bug out Bag on a Budget

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from T-Man. I want to first thank The Prepper Journal for putting on...

The Dual Sport Motorcycle – Rugged, Gas-Sipping Bug Out Transportation

Editor's Note: This post has been generously contributed by A.B. Vanover and he lays out the argument for a two-wheeled bug out option that...

Satellite Imagery – A Bug Out Planning Tool

Editor’s Note: This article has been generously contributed by Bolo. As in his other articles, Bolo shares incredibly useful tips that preppers can use...

How Much Money Do You Have in Your Bug out Bag?

The bottom just dropped out all of your warning triggers are telling you that it’s time to pack everyone into the family bug out...

Hard Decisions: Knowing When to Bug Out – Pt. 2

Editor’s Note: This article is the second in a two-part series that was generously contributed by Bolo on knowing when to bug out. In...

Hard Decisions: Knowing When to Bug Out – Pt. 1

Editor’s Note: This article was generously contributed by Bolo. It is the first of a two-part series on knowing when to bug out. In...

Bug Out Bag Water Filtration Options

A critical prep that you have to plan for including in your bug out bag is water. When I first got into prepping, I...

A Rolling Bug Out Bag

Editor’s Note: This article was generously contributed by Bolo and he discusses the merits of expanding your bug out bag concept to include your...

Bug out Nightmare: Stop Trench Foot Before It Stops You

It’s like a bad scene out of a disaster movie mixed with your worst nightmare. Some event forces you and your family to leave...

Best Bug out Vehicles You Can Actually Afford

Is there any one of us who doesn’t drool a little whenever you see an exotic sports car tooling down the road? I don’t...

DIY Bug Out Trailer Built Your Way

Editor's Note: This article was generously contributed by Brian Carter and continues in the current theme of discussing vehicular options for bug out scenarios....

10 Staples That Should Always Be In Your Bug Out Bag

Natural and man-made disasters happen often without warning. Hurricanes, blackouts, terrorist attacks — you name it, anything could happen in a blink of an...