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Wavian NATO Jerry Can – Blue Only!

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  • Made from 0.9mm pickled steel
  • To prevent internal rusting, all cans are lined with petrol resistant alkyd-ammonia based paint – 100% safe from flaking.
  • External powder coating gives anti-corrosion protection and a smooth finish.
  • The unique wide channel breather enables ‘glug’ and splash free pouring – Our 20 Litre Cans can empty in 25 seconds!
  • Strip welding ensures handle strength.
  • Robust Triple Handle.
  • Special holes drilled in the handle enables our pouring spouts to be attached.
  • Bayonet closure is completely leak proof with the can in any position.
  • UN number approval certifies compliance with Dangerous Goods Transportation Regualtions.
  • Date stamp on cap – shows year/month of production.
  • Internationally Patented Locking Pin gives additional security against accidental opening of the can.

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Authentic and original, this metal Jerry can is manufactured to the highest military specs. Necessary for any prepper/survivalist looking to store fuel (gasoline, kerosene, JP4) in case of an emergency. This metal canister is far superior to cheap plastic gas jugs and tanks. At a hefty weight of 9.46 lbs, this can is as sturdy as you can get. They hold 5.28 gallons of liquid. Fully paint-coated inside and outside. These empty gas canisters have a full internal breather pipe for splash-proof pouring. The regular nozzles will fit this can as well.

Wavian Jerry cans are the current NATO spec cans used throughout NATO member nations in Europe. The NATO cans shape is similar to, but very slightly thinner, than the USGI MFC. The NATO cans will fit all military style Jerry can holders.

This can is constructed of 2 sides welded together in the middle. The welded seam is leak-proof unlike the early US steel Jerry cans with their rolled seams. The design of this can has remained essentially unchanged since before WWII because it has not been approved upon.

The main difference between these steel cans and USGI plastic cans, besides the material, is the pour spout. The NATO cans have a trapezoidal shaped locking cam cap and pour spout design. This design is very robust and leak proof, assuming the gasket is in good shape. The gasket for the NATO locking cap and the pour spout are the same.

Jerry cans are NOT safe for storing water, they have a specialized non-reactive internal coating to protect them for fuel chemicals’ water will break down the coating and become contaminated, not suitable for any potable or non-potable purpose.

We only have blue in stock.

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