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The Quick Detach and Deploy (QDD) IFAK

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The Prepper Journal offers a step-forward with the Quick Detach and Deploy (QDD) IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit), another product of AR500 Armor® which combines the best of all worlds with multi-stage deployment and a tear-away feature. Unique to the market, until now only available to EMT’s, the military and first-responders, this professional grade medical kit mounts to your tactical belt, backpack, the cummerbund of other tactical vests, or any webbed surface and allows full access to the inner workings of your medical kit immediately, when searching through compartments and pockets is NOT an option.

The exterior boasts front and side webbing for easy mounting and immediate access to your Tourniquet along with a Velcro patch panel, should you also want one of The Prepper Journal’s cool black/white patches. And of course mounting panel includes a Trauma Shear retention strap and mounting guides.

Once deployed from the closed position, the pouch folds out into a middle stage allowing rapid access to any and all of your trauma components. One more tug and your tear-open professional medical kit is laid out in a fashion that would make any field surgeon smile. Immediately withing your reach all the contents are at the ready. Sections can be organized by you for medical situations such as Bleeding, Breathing, and Burns.

Constructed from genuine 1000-D Cordura Nylon, and reinforced with heavy-duty Bar-Tack stitching on all webbing it includes a pair of color matched Fight-Light Malice clips, the premium mounting option for MOLLE accessories and pouches.

QDD-IFAK contents:

1 x Hemostatic Agent (QuikClot or Celox depending on availability)
1 x Swat-Tourniquet (Swat-T) or SOF Wide Tourniquet
1 x pair FoxSeal Chest Seals
1 x H&H Thin H Emergency Bandage
1 x H&H PriMed Compressed Gauze
1 x Trauma Shears
1 x Compressed Bandage
1 x Waterproof Medical Tape
1 x NAR Bear Claw Gloves (Large)

Multi-Stage Deployments: Closed, Collapsed, and Secured, Compact Expanded, Fully Expanded, Quickly and Completely Detachable in any stage – always at the ready!


  • Unique Multi-Stage Deployment
  • Tear-Away and Quickly Detachable Design
  • 1000-D Genuine Cordura Nylon Construction
  • Velcro Patch Panel w/ Color Matched Medical Patch
  • Exterior Tourniquet Mount Points
  • Trauma Sheer Mount with Retention Strap
  • High Strength Elastic & Velcro
  • Pair of Fight-Light MALICE Clips included for mounting
  • Heavy Duty Bar-Tack Stitching on all webbing and critical points

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Weight 0.50 lbs

Black, Coyote, Multicam, Olive Drab


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