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Pack RAPID Emergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK) | Designed for your bag or backpack

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The Prepper Journal’s Pack RAPID EPIK includes Celox Rapid Z-fold hemostatic gauze which is designed to save time in packing and compression when applied to a bleeding wound. Celox Rapid is the industry leading hemostatic z-fold gauze with embedded Chito-R granules that stick to wet tissue; quickly forming a gel clot that seals the wound and stops bleeding. Our Pack RAPID EPIK is a full featured kit and includes a pair of chest seals, and a compact tourniquet. The slim profile makes it convenient and easy to store in a variety of pouches, bags, glove compartments, and ant enclosure that can accommodate a 6″ x 8″ inserts. Designed to save time when seconds count, our Pack RAPID EPIK includes the necessary supplies to combat severe bleeding wounds.

Stores easily in your glove box, range bag, luggage, trunk, BOB, SHTF, or TEOTWAWKI bag, even a desk drawer.

The heavy duty aLOKSAK provides water tight protection and is constructed from medical-grade FDA approved material offering protection from the elements. High visibility clear plastic allows you to quickly identify the contents and condition of your EPIK.

Each AR500 Armor Emergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK) comes pre-assembled and ready for use. AR500 Armor always recommends proper training and proficiency with your gear and all equipment you choose to use.

Weight: 11.2oz
Dimensions: 6″ x 8″
Thickness: 1.25″

The Prepper Journal’s Pack RAPID EPIK Contents:

1 x Celox RAPID Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze
2 x FoxSeal Chest Seals (in single package) – or equivalent based on availability
1 x Swat-Tourniquet (Swat-T, Tourniquet, Pressure Dressing, or Elastic Bandage
1 x H&H Thin-H Emergency Bandage (Compression Bandage, Hasty Tourniquet, or Emergency Sling
1 x Waterproof Medical Tape – .5″ x 2.5 yards
1 xNAR Bear Claw Gloves (Large)
1 x Re-sealable heavy duty aLOKSAK

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