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Now you can download all of the articles featured on The Prepper Journal in one file that can be used if you ever lose internet access. Over 1,850 prepping and survival articles are available for download along with bonus material. Along with The Prepper Journal articles from 2013 through today, you get 28 Military Training manuals and as a bonus, our Prepping 101 – The Basics guide which you can share with family and friends. The Basics cover the essential concepts of water, food, security, hygiene and more.

Public Domain Military Training included Free

We have bundled 28 military training guides in PDF format so you can learn the basics of Infantry skills, Combatives, Map Reading, Survival and Evasion, Urban Combat, First Aid and much more! There is FM 3-39.40 which lays out in precise detail the Army’s plan for Interment and Resettlement camps, the latest Army manual regarding Civil Disturbances and how Snipers will be used to target protesters with lethal force, Ranger Operations, Crew served machine gun manuals and Special Forces Medical Handbooks.

Learn from the same guides our soldiers use to prepare for combat and make sure you are prepared with knowledge.

  • Over 700 articles with hyperlinks to additional content on The Prepper Journal and elsewhere.
  • 28 Military Manuals – Over 230 MB of data unzipped.
  • Special E-Guide: Prepping 101 – The Basics
  • One 390 MB file in zipped format
  • Bug Out Bag Checklist – Know what to pack and keep track of it
  • Power Outage Checklist – Don’t be caught in the dark!
  • Ammo inventory spreadsheet – Easily keep track of what you have and what you need.

The one-time fee of $9.99 gets you access to download all this great content in a single file. To start, simply click on the Button below.

Instructions for downloading files

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Once you have paid with your credit card, you will see this confirmation. From here, click on the button that says "The Prepper Journal"
Once you have paid with your credit card, you will see this confirmation. From here, click on the button that says “The Prepper Journal”


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