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How Church Life Will Change in a Post- Apocalyptic World

Editors Note: Another guest post from Red J to The Prepper Journal. As we mull over our New Years resolutions, this article may give us...

How Does Gardening Impact Your Personal Growth

Editors Note: Another guest post from Angela Williams to The Prepper Journal. Make note that Round 12 of the Prepper Writing Contest will be...

7 easy techniques to make your home more secure

Editors Note: Another guest contribution from Kevin Fleeman at LifeUnderSky.com to The Prepper Journal. As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would...

Stay Energized!

The Invaluable Asset of Energy: As Preppers we have all not only imagined that we can be suddenly been thrust into the position of...

How Important Is an Air Mattress in Your Survival Gear?

Editors Note: A guest contribution from Elizabeth to The Prepper Journal. As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to...

The Fourth “B”

Editors Note: A guest contribution from Texan to The Prepper Journal. I have had this one for awhile as the subject matter required some...

Best Books for Your Preparedness Library

Editors Note: Another guest contribution from valknut79 to The Prepper Journal.  The opinions expressed herein are his and should generate a lot of comments as...

Firearms Training for Survival

It is considered axiomatic that "a gun (or three) is a key factor in a survival situation".  And there is some basis to this...

For the Want of a Nail…..

Editors Note: A first time guest submission from Cody Jarrett, an article on a core theme, the currency of preppers, a good read with...

Storage-Friendly Survival Gardening

Editors Apology: My bad as the article is from R. Ann Parris, it looks like her work, but was part of a set of...

Selecting Crops for Survival Gardens

 Editor’s Note: Another outstanding entry from one of our regular and trusted contributors to The Prepper Journal. And, as always, if you have information...

Calling ALL Contributors!

Editor’s Note: We are looking for new and varied entries for the Prepper Writing Contest. If you have information for Preppers that you would like...

How to Get the Most Food from Your Survival Garden

Here are a few ways we can cut down on the labor and time of gardening and increase our yields, whether we’re just getting started with some pots or whether we’re ready to expand our production in times of crisis

Prepper Must-Haves – Garden Tools

Even with some small, modest beds, there are a few tools like hooked three-prong hand cultivators or a small spade that come in handy.

8 Basic Survival Skills That You Ought To Know

The main reason for the lack of adequate skills is that many people lack the proper survival skills training to cope with any emergency situation. In the subsequent paragraphs, we are going to mention 8 important survival skills that anyone must have in his or her kit.

Winter Prepper Project Ideas – Indoors

Some of them relate to food production, some to increasing our efficiency, and some are little off-the-wall tasks that don’t get as much attention as they otherwise could.

Planned Parenthood for Preppers

Managed Livestock Breeding Livestock keeping is one of the things that those interested in self-sufficiency regularly end up considering. There are factors involving breeding, especially,...

Countering Snipers

Understanding a little about snipers and methods used in countering snipers is an essential part of your operational planning and preparations.

Preppers Always Have a Plan in Place

In other words, are you prepared? Let’s take a quick peek at some of the things that you can do to ensure that when something happens, you will be ready for it.

Hooch Making 101

I’m willing to bet that it will be considered as valuable a currency as any other! Heck, it practically is now.

Field Weapon: Constructing a Bow & Arrows Using a Knife

Using only what is available to from the natural surroundings and what small amount of belongings you have, it's time to construct one of the oldest tools used by hunters, the bow and arrow.

When Darkness Falls

Survival assured by matching one’s skills and ability to adapt to the problems at hand. The problem will be whatever threatens our well-being and existence.

Prepping After 60

Ever try to answer all the questions that you ask yourself about how you will survive as a single, senior woman living alone with no family, no spouse, no other support other than yourself?

Introduction to Building a Storage Shed – Part 1

You REALLY don't want all of your prepping supplies in your house. Such as a generator and fuel, oil and vehicle parts, battery banks and so on so building a storage shed makes a lot of sense.

The TOP 11 Gifts For Non-preppers

I have compiled a list of 11 gifts for non-preppers under $50 that can put that loved one in a better predicament of preparedness without them even knowing it.

How to Maximize Crop Yields

Food security is already a worry for many of those countries that are striving to meet today’s demands, and the development of new preservation methods that will play an important role in the future is becoming essential

How Prepping and the Golden Rule CAN Co-Exist

We all can’t afford bunkers and remote cabins to (attempt to) escape to. Have you completely given up on non-prepper society, including blood relatives?

How to Be a Prepper in College

Well I say. If there's a will, there's a way and in this article I am going to share how I practice being a prepper in college.

Crisis at Work: Hurricane and Emergency Preparedness for Small Businesses

Disaster can strike at any moment – even at work. Make your small business disaster recovery plan today to avoid catastrophic losses in an emergency.

Interview with Prepper Children’s Author Benjamin Ellefson

Benjamin Ellefson is a prepper who writes children’s books with themes of preparedness and survivalism.