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Chronic Pain – In Every Preppers Future?

Editors Note: Another guest contribution from Meighan to The Prepper Journal. Relish your youth and strength as some of these will catch up with us...

Running Pain: When to Stop and When to Make Your Way Through

Editors Note: A guest contribution to The Prepper Journal. Good advice herein as keeping ones self in good condition and knowing how to listen...

How to Survive a Civil War in America

The last battle fought on US soil was, arguably, the Aleutian Islands Campaign, which took place during the World War II, in the year 1942....

What You Should Have in Your Ultimate Survival First Aid Kit

As a prepper, one of the most important things you can have on hand is an ultimate survival first aid kit. Although prepackaged kits...

How to Make Your Garage The Ultimate Pepper Storage Unit

Editors Note: Another guest contribution from Megan Nichols to The Prepper Journal.  As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like...

Making Medical Preparations

Editors Note: A guest submission from Red J to The Prepper Journal. As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to...

How to Use Vodka as a Prepping Supply

Editors Note: Another guest post from Valknut79 to The Prepper Journal. Try as I might I just couldn't keep from offering comments as I...

Keep Your Family Safe with a Fire Response Plan

Editors Note: A guest submission from Scott Bay to The Prepper Journal on a serious subject as we enter this holiday season. As always, if...

The Truth about Bartering Series – Part 3

Editors Note: Another contribution from Mike Harris in his series on bartering for The Prepper Journal.  The content is that of the authors.  Commodities and the...

Well, It is Halloween After All!

Editors Note: In the "spirit" of the holiday, with tongue firmly in cheek, here is an article from the writers at Company Essaylab, with just...

The Fourth “B”

Editors Note: A guest contribution from Texan to The Prepper Journal. I have had this one for awhile as the subject matter required some...

Currency of the Middle Class After the SHTF

Editors Note: A guest contribution from Donnovan Okoth to The Prepper Journal.  A different twist on a recurring theme. As always, if you have...

Predicting Your Security Needs After the SHTF

Editors Note: A guest contribution from Ukrainian to The Prepper Journal.  A very interesting article on security from the real world, happening every day,...

The History of Rationing in the US

Editors Note:  A guest entry from Z to The Prepper Journal. A lesson learned should NOT be an oxymoron. As always, if you have...

Storage-Friendly Survival Gardening

Editors Apology: My bad as the article is from R. Ann Parris, it looks like her work, but was part of a set of...

Medical Things Expire!

The importance of an on-going, always under review survival plan, can’t be over-stressed. Every plan needs constant, consistent and through review. While plans may...

The Tactics of a Gunfight After SHTF

Due to the fact that ammo will always be a luxury, modern tactics which rely on the idea of expending more ammo at the foe over men or positioning is obviously not possible.

Start Gardening Differently

Small scale or large, when it comes to the veggies, doing things differently can buy us the time and space to get started or expand our harvests.
Bugging out to the woods.

Will You Survive If You Have to Bug out to the Forest?

If your survival plan doesn’t include a bug out to the forest option, it should, but coming up with a good plan might be more difficult that you think.

To Prep or Not to Prep

No one has to do everything…but everyone must do something….It’s better to light a candle than to curse the dark.

Making a G.O.O.D PLAN: Get Out Of Dodge

What if events, beyond your control, fall upon you and change all you know and expect from life. Do you have a Plan B?

Preppers and Big Agriculture: What You Don’t Know About Food Preparedness!

In regards to basic food preparedness it most notably means that it will require more and more food to maintain a healthy nutritious lifestyle.

Being Honest with Yourself: A Prepping Reality Check

I have compiled a selected few topics I think people should reevaluate in their lives and make and give yourself a prepping reality check.

10 Must Have Natural Remedies for Preppers

Today we will discuss 10 must have natural remedies that will could offer comfort and healing when the possibility of modern medicine is gone.

13 Tips for Using Oatmeal from Your Food Stores

Using mostly things that are also already in my storage or that are easy and inexpensive to obtain, I can churn out desserts, snacks, sides, dinners and breakfasts that are interesting and varied, and don’t really taste like oatmeal.

Are You Really Prepared for the Real World?

It’s the kind of thing in between our normal, everyday life and an actual major disaster that just doesn’t get prepared for all that often.

6 Essentials for Prepping with a Special Needs Child

So prepping for a child with special needs requires some serious thought, and some creativity. Read the following article, for some tips.

Are You Planning to Fail If SHTF?

We plan on how we will act, what prepping supplies we will need to acquire and we plan how to talk to family members and avoid neighbors. But are you planning to fail? Is what you are doing really a plan at all?

10 Self Defense Tips for Women

Fortunately, there are a number of self-defense tips and techniques that can level that playing field and allow women to protect themselves and those that they are responsible for protecting.

10 Medical Resources You Can Get from Nature

These natural medical resources can be easily substituted as traditional methods of medication. The plants have capabilities to heal and reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure and arthritis