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The Value of a Prepper Library      

Editors Note: Another guest post from Red J to The Prepper Journal. Make note that Round 12 of the Prepper Writing Contest will be...

And the Round Eleven Winners Are….

The Polls have closed! The results have been tabulated and no Russian interference has been charged! The five (5) articles in contention for the three...

Vote for Your Favorite – Prepper Writing Contest Round Eleven!

AGAIN Preppers you get to cast your votes for the "best articles" published between July 17th and October 1st of this year.  Money, money, money! But...

Currency of the Middle Class After the SHTF

Editors Note: A guest contribution from Donnovan Okoth to The Prepper Journal.  A different twist on a recurring theme. As always, if you have...

For the Want of a Nail…..

Editors Note: A first time guest submission from Cody Jarrett, an article on a core theme, the currency of preppers, a good read with...
Bugging out to the woods.

Will You Survive If You Have to Bug out to the Forest?

If your survival plan doesn’t include a bug out to the forest option, it should, but coming up with a good plan might be more difficult that you think.

Making a G.O.O.D PLAN: Get Out Of Dodge

What if events, beyond your control, fall upon you and change all you know and expect from life. Do you have a Plan B?

Prepping by the Numbers

Not only do the masses USUALLY get things right in aggregate, but it can make your life easier in the long run to just go with the crowd.

Introduction to Gunsmithing – Part 2

In part two, after some final thoughts on tools, we'll look at knowledge and skills needed in gunsmithing.

Prepper Must-Haves: Vices

Our vices aren’t necessary to our survival in many cases, but when you cut us off from them, hard times and adjustments just get harder.

Practical Preparedness – Simplify Your Shopping List

One thing that can help is to simplify the shopping list. In some case it’s about paring it down. In other cases, it’s about finding multi-purpose items.

Skills – Stuff: When Stuff Matters More

Sometimes collecting knowledge can be a pricey and time-consuming prospect. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn, but we need to prioritize as with anything else.

Lessons from History – Hand Powered Tools

A disaster is a bad time to lose all of our conveniences in life. There are also some hand powered tools we can pull from the pages of history – and that inspire modern tools – that will help us with our self-reliance.

The Prepper’s Guide To Female Hygiene

Even if you are not a woman, including female hygiene items in your prepping is still a great idea!

Is Stocking up on Gold and Silver Smart?

You have a gold coin that you paid $1100 for back when the world was still somewhat sane. Do you offer that coin for a loaf of bread? 100 loaves or a years supply?

One Plan Is Not Enough: 7 Tips to Create a Successful Food Plan

What are the most important things to consider? In this article I cover some of the requirements of creating your master food plan.

Hooch Making 101

I’m willing to bet that it will be considered as valuable a currency as any other! Heck, it practically is now.

Cupcakes and Conservatives

An unusual phenomenon is occurring on College Campuses these days. It seems that students are offended by just about everything.

Prepping for Medical Emergencies

Planning for medical emergencies is one of the biggest challenges one faces. This is especially true if the situation will occur with limited outside resources on which to rely.

What Can We Learn from History About Food When SHTF?

By learning about what happened, and knowing that history repeats, we can prepare better and avoid making the same mistakes when SHTF again.

Lessons Learned: From Coupons to Prepping

I use coupons all the time and I am stockpiling so that my family has food later. I am stocking up to barter but most of the items I got free or for hardly anything.

Making Homemade Wine – Who’s Got the Hooch?

Knowing how to make homemade wine is probably one of the most important skills to know and master in a post-apocalyptic world if you intend to barter for survival or just escape reality for a couple of hours.

Prepper Conditioning: Total Body Fitness for When the SHTF

Surviving is just the first step to survival. If you struggle with the basic physical abilities to easily get through some of the things I have discussed above, what good will the 2 years of food, hundreds of gallons of water, or thousands of rounds of ammunition do for you when the shit hits the fan?

Raising Rabbits: One Size Fits All Prepper Solution?

Rabbits truly are the “one-size-fits-all” preppers domestic livestock and after reading the reasons why raising rabbits could be ideal for any prepper, we think you will agree.

Calculating Livestock Feed: Will You Have Enough?

There’s a really handy tool called a Pearson Square that can help when we decide to feed livestock. Basically, it allows you to reach your desired total protein percentage using sets of known feeds.

A Prepper Must-Have: Hands-Free Light

When it comes to a portable light, it’s hard to beat something that leaves your hands free and moves around with your eyes. Their cost, usefulness, and weight make them an absolute must-have for preppers.

Five Step Mental Practice for Psychological Preparedness

Psychological preparedness is a radically important part of survivalism and might possibly be the determining factor for long term survivalism. In fact, the first step toward getting prepared is making a conscious affirmation to develop a will to live.

Coming Gun Control – Prep Yourself Before It’s Too Late

Whatever you believe, one thing is certain - the upcoming election will be the most important one in the last century as it relates to gun control.

The Most Scarce Commodity in the Apocalypse

It is the contention of this article that the one commodity that will be in the shortest supply, and one that people will most likely be short on from day one is...

Are You Guilty of Hoarding? How to Prepare for Coming Shortages

Hoarding is normal by humans during times of scarcity. It is how the smart survive while the foolish perish. You accumulate or store additional provisions that you likely will need later but due to forces beyond your control, are unable to get.