The third installment of our series on man tracking, by tracking instructor Kyt Lyn Walken.

Politics in a Post-Apocalyptic World

The most important rediscovery in a post-apocalyptic world will be fried-chicken. Fried chicken will not only be a catalyst for a post-apocalyptic civilization, it will divide humanity into two distinct subgroups.

Get Home Scenario

You have to have a flexible plan. Be prepared to change and adjust it according to the situation. Your kit levels aid you in maintaining the flexibility and ability to adjust and resupply on the go.

20 Edible Plants That Could Save Your Life

Sometimes, you have to think outside of the freeze-dried food paradigm. You may find yourself in the woods forced to run from your home or camp because of marauders with nothing to eat. Fortunately,...

Grid-Down Intel: Finding Resources

Editors Note: Another guest contribution from R.Ann Parris to The Prepper Journal. As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and be entered into the Prepper Writing Contest with a chance to...
Image of Mosquito

How to Deal with Mosquitoes Without Using Chemicals

While chemicals have long been used for mosquito repellant, there are natural solutions that work, too.

Does the Family Know?

In my planning I am confident that I not only know where everything is but also how everything works in my home, the place I am most likely to encounter a disaster. Useful knowledge...

Improvised Weapon You May Not Have Considered

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from David Paul Smith. In this article, David discusses a defense method that has been going the internet around for years. I...

My SHTF Lifestyle: Preparing to Create Happiness

I hope that others benefit from my slightly different ideas on what a SHTF lifestyle could look like. When I first began preparing I looked for lists of preparedness items and tried my best to purchase as many as possible.

5 Things You Need to Go Off Grid Now – Pt. 4

Welcome back to this series on the 5 things you need to go off grid now, where I have been discussing the scenario of a collapse or long-term disruption of “the grid”. The term...

Choosing Your Shelter: BOLs vs. Bunkers

When it comes to surviving TEOTWAWKI, nothing is more important than choosing your shelter whether that is your bunker or your bug out location. But there’s much debate circling around which is actually the best.

Keeping Your Powder Dry!

Most of us have lived through the "Dark Days" - The Great Ammo Shortage of ’08 – ’13. Dark days, indeed. If you were like me, your days alternated between agonizing mental arithmetic and...

Free Prepper Training You Probably Never Heard Of

What if I told you that your instructors would be trained Paramedics, Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, and Emergency Managers? How about if I throw in free personal protective gear, a first aid kit, and other supplies? Would you be interested?

Have You Made an Area Threat/Asset Map?

Have you ever taken a map, a paper one, marked your home's location and gone through it with great care and made an area threat/asset map? If there were a natural disaster, a SHTF...

If You Only Had One Tool

What if you were suddenly overwhelmed by an event? An earthquake, a micro-burst along a lonely road that did in your vehicle, you barely got out before it was washed down a swollen creek...

Bug Out Vehicle Load Plan

What if this simple bug out vehicle load plan could get your and your family on the road faster?

Safe Water If the Grid Goes Down Pt. 2

We listed what could contaminate water, and mentioned the six practical ways to fix this. Here is the investigation into the other four methods.

Crisis at Work: Hurricane and Emergency Preparedness for Small Businesses

Disaster can strike at any moment – even at work. Make your small business disaster recovery plan today to avoid catastrophic losses in an emergency.

Effective Ways to Save Your Back During Deer Hunting

Gearing up with all the essentials as soon the hunting season come around the corner is good.  However, at the same time knowing how to protect yourself from any mishap during a hunting trip...

Prepping for Wildfires

Today we focus on how you can begin prepping for wildfires. This is helpful in many SHTF issues including nuclear war and civil unrest so even if you feel wildfires are unlikely in your neighborhood.

Five Alternatives Weapons

Editors Note: Another guest contribution from valknut79 to The Prepper Journal.  The opinions expressed herein are his. As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and possibly receive a...

How Long Will Your Food Last After SHTF?

One of the central pillars of preparedness is being able to feed yourself. Preppers focus some of their attention on stockpiling food as well as creating renewable sources like gardens or livestock (chickens and...

Tracking and Separating Seeds for Success

Both tracking seeds and their results and separating seeds in storage can help limit some of the pains and aggravations of gardening.

Top BOB Essentials That Might Get You Killed

Editor’s Note: This is another post that has been generously contributed by Mike Turner and is the first entry in the Prepper Journal's new Prepper Writing Contest. Mike discusses some common BOB Essentials that...

5 Prepper Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring is in the air, but not here quite yet as evidenced by warm days followed by snow and high winds the next. You can hear the frustration with the weather almost everywhere you...

Suppose You Do Survive the Apocalypse…..Then What?

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from Angela Cassidy who brings up a subject that many preppers are considering. Once the supplies have been purchased or set aside,...

The Unexpected and Unawares

Editors Note: A contribution to the Prepper Journal Writing Contest from Charles McKelroy. The wind picked up in the afternoon on a cloudless day. Nothing unusual for the area, we have windy days all during...

Providing Hospital Care in SHTF

I got to thinking about what I would do with 32 years nursing experience and most of that in trauma if I had a person laid up in bed and was faced with providing hospital care in SHTF and why.

Radiological Medical Response Kit: Ideas to Manage Injuries in a Radioactive Environment

Seems everyone online is focused on prepping for a nuclear war these days, so I thought I'd share the contents of my radiological medical response kit.

Prepping in Depth: A Layered Strategy for Getting Home After Disaster

Editors Note: This article has been generously contributed by Randy Wilson. Prepping comes in many forms. Few break down where prepping falls in terms of surviving.   Speaking in terms many former military can understand, individual...