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Life Under Lockdown

The US is only recently getting a taste of the ‘lockdown’ that’s been in effect for several countries in Europe, notably Italy and Spain. I asked a couple of...
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How Are You Faring?

There's no doubt that the Coronavirus and COVID-19 are having an affect on what used to be a normal life. Hopefully, it'll soon return to that. For some, anyway.

Free Prepping files

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 has caused a lot of chaos in recent weeks. Countries have closed their borders, governments have restricted the movement of their citizens, and in the United States, city mayors have...

Coronavirus, Prepping and the Future

About 8 weeks ago, we were hearing of a respiratory virus going around China. A short time later, the Chinese government essentially locked down the country in order to help halt the...
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Who Needs an AR-15, Anyway?

Recoilweb recently published a good article about the probabilities of unlikely events, The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hate Gun Prepper, and how it applies to the "zombie apocalypse"....

Corona Virus Mapping

The Corona virus (COVID-19) is all over the news, with plenty of fear-mongering spread among the analysis and good information. Because of that, I don’t think there’s a lot for me to...
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How to Deal with Mosquitoes Without Using Chemicals

While chemicals have long been used for mosquito repellant, there are natural solutions that work, too.
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Editor’s note: This is the last in the series of articles by guest author Kyt Lyn Walken on tracking and its applicability to prepping. — Wild Bill In the previous...


Editor’s note: This is the fourth of five installments in a series of articles by guest author Kyt Lyn Walken on tracking and its applicability to prepping. — Wild Bill


The third installment of our series on man tracking, by tracking instructor Kyt Lyn Walken.
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The Power of the Glance Editor's note: This is the second installment in a series of articles by guest author Kyt Lyn Walken on tracking and its applicability to...

Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges

The Virginia legislature went full-blown communist with a bill that would outlaw indoor shooting ranges except if in a government building.
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Tracking, a Valuable Skill for Preppers

While tracking is often associated with hunting or fugitive apprehension, tracking offers an invaluable skill for the prepper. Knowing whether someone has been in your AO and learning more about them could be a key element of long-term survival.
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Virginia Gun Control Law Update

Virginia threatens gun control laws and local governments say they won't enforcement. Virginia's AG says they can't refuse. GOA and VCDL say he's wrong.
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Remembering Y2K

Anyone else remember Y2k with fondness? What did you do to prepare?
U.S. Constitution Preamble

Virginia in Crisis

The new Virginia legislature has wasted no time coming after your Constitutional rights.
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Get Me Home Bag

Every prepper has heard of the bug out bag. But do you have a Get Me Home Bag?

I’m still around…

I know it's been awhile since there's been a post, and for that I apologize. As happens now and again, life sometimes gets in the way of the things...

The Rumors of My Demise are Overrated

Though I can certainly understand how they started. Due to events in my life The Prepper Journal site needed to take a seat in the back of the bus...

How To Hunt Game Using Long Range Rifle Scopes

Editor's Note: I know, Summer is hardly begun, some kids still have a long Summer breaks in front of them while some return to school this week; but the time to start preparing for...

Things You Can Cook Over a Fire

Editor's Note: A guest contribution from Scott Huntington to The Prepper Journal. Before we had ovens, cooktops and microwaves, there was only one way to cook up some grub — over the fire. You have...

What You Need to Know About the Medical Use of Steroids

Editor's Note: Since their introduction steroids have received a lot of knee-jerk press, rumors and half-truths. While a complicated science, Kimberly Clark offers the following insight into their proper use.  When I received my PSIA...

Nutritious Food Plants You Can Harvest Quickly

Editor's Note: A guest submission to The Prepper Journal from Raymond Poole. Raymond Poole is an organic cooking and gardening fanatic. He spends his free time trialing and testing different growing techniques to make...

Are You Prepared to Deal with a Fire at Home?

Editors Note: The following guest article was generously contributed by James Smith in October of 2015. It is worth rereading if you caught it then as well as for the first time now. Additionally I...

How to Make Sure Your Stuff Lasts Forever — or Close to It

Editor's Note: A guest contribution from Scott Huntington to The Prepper Journal. Whether you live primarily off the grid and rarely venture to town or you simply wish to extend the life of your belongings...

Prepare for Disaster with a Portable Generator

Living or working in a disaster-prone area always requires that you be prepared for the worst. When a natural disaster strikes, you might not have the time to take the right recuperative measures if...

Tooting Our Own Horn

Seriously, if we don't then who will? We have been making changes and we need to brag about some of them. The Archive Admittedly it was left as a secondary task but NOW has been not only...

Reflectors and Mylar: Home, Garden and On The Go

There are all kinds of ways windshield reflectors and space blankets can make life easier and increase our capabilities as preppers, both everyday and during emergencies. Some of the camping and car uses are...

If You Only Had One Tool

What if you were suddenly overwhelmed by an event? An earthquake, a micro-burst along a lonely road that did in your vehicle, you barely got out before it was washed down a swollen creek...

Mobility vs Armored: Which is Better?

Survival is more of an art than a science and there are as many opinions on the “right” way to do it as there are preppers. While everyone isn't certain they have the final...