Emergency Medical Preparedness: Prepare Yourself for a Medical Emergency

Whether it is ourselves, our loved ones, or the friends who will be with us, we will need to know how to take care of each others injuries and illnesses.

Survival Group Selection: Would You Take Yourself?

If many survival groups are mainly made up of people whose only skill set is “providing security” and for some reason you found yourself looking to join a group either now or after a collapse, would you take you?

How Chemistry Class Saved My Life

Wet and miserable some of us were experiencing early signs of hypothermia, and we all desperately wanted to feel some small amount of warmth.

Winter SHTF Planning and Preparation

This is my minimum gear I’d have on me if venturing any distance in the Winter season in Southern Ontario away from the home base.

Bug Out- Building a Load out Plan for Your Vehicle

Today I’m going to teach you one way to plan for a vehicle load out. Also I will help you develop a plan to secure the load so you can travel more safety.

Cupcakes and Conservatives

An unusual phenomenon is occurring on College Campuses these days. It seems that students are offended by just about everything.

Survival Without Prepping

There are stories in Oregon, of instant storms, rain and wind for eons, beautiful country and hypothermia. Meaning rapid condition changes.

Prepping After 60

Ever try to answer all the questions that you ask yourself about how you will survive as a single, senior woman living alone with no family, no spouse, no other support other than yourself?

Survival Scenario: Any Car Is Better Than No Car

What is vital is that you have a RELIABLE vehicle regardless of how modest or basic it is.

Poverty Prepping: Getting Ready With Less Than $10,000 a Year

I have a tight budget. I’m talking, poverty level budget, and with survival products being over the top expensive, prepping can be really hard.

When Walking Alone: Observe

It is important to be aware of your surroundings for many reasons but the most important is your life could depend on it

The “Economical” Knife

Knives are like vehicles and firearms. Everyone has an opinion on which knife is the best one. Today you get mine.

How Prepping and the Golden Rule CAN Co-Exist

We all can’t afford bunkers and remote cabins to (attempt to) escape to. Have you completely given up on non-prepper society, including blood relatives?

The Coming Correction

In the millennia mankind has existed we have witnessed some small corrections. Nature, the things by which we are all bound, sets in motion events, unforeseen and undeniable.

Survival Sanitation: Cat Litter Overlooked Prep?

What do you do if you’re in the city, the grid is down, and the toilet won’t flush?

Dealing with Gunshot Wounds in SHTF

Rather than focusing on building a fortress to defend your supplies it is safer to build a home you can walk away from without compromising your supplies or getting on the wrong end of a gunshot wound.

Prepping for a Winter Crisis! – Blizzard of ’77

The Blizzard of ’77 is a prime example of why you should be prepared.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Once reality has set in and people have started to adjust to the new normal, an essential component of rebuilding your immediate community will be the ability to give selfless service to others.

How to Be a Prepper in College

Well I say. If there's a will, there's a way and in this article I am going to share how I practice being a prepper in college.

The Biggest, Most Likely Disaster You’re Not Prepared For

It keeps government officials up at night. But the vast majority of Americans are completely unprepared for it...

The Importance of Your Knife and a Backup Bug out Bag

It would be terrible if after all the thought, time and effort put into making a bug out bag, that when you need it the most, it’s not within easy reach.

The Penny-Pinched Prepper

Not having emergency funds doesn’t leave much room for prepping. So what can a poor penny-pinched Prepper possibly do?

Preppers Don’t Have Abs

I don't think there is anything wrong with looking like a Viking with an AR or a jacked and tan super woman--in fact, that's actually super impressive. But is that Prepping?

Pressure Canning for Preppers

Most people preparing for the dark days ahead don’t use their pressure canning to its fullest potential

A Different Perspective on Survival Tips

I’m going to play devils advocate and attack several of the most common so-called “survival tips” preps so prevalent on the web today. I will even offer a suggestion or two.

7 Frugal Gardening Tips to Help You Prepare

Here are some gardening tips I have learned over the years that save money, allowing me to grow more for less.

How I Plan on Bugging In

There are multiple articles, videos, and books about bugging out and a few on bugging in. My aim here is to throw a bit of thought on the bugging in concept from my unarmed Canadian perspective.

Short-Term Food Storage for Beginners

In general, long-term storage food staples like whole grains, beans, flour, oil, sugar, etc., are not the foods you want to have when a natural disaster strikes.

The Poor Man Prepper

So let’s get down and dirty here and talk about what a common working man would have.

Beware of the IDIoT (Incredibly Dangerous Internet of Things)

To minimize our vulnerability to the lawlessness that would follow an apocalyptic event, we arm ourselves and harden our homes. We actively look for ways to increase our chances of survival.