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Prepper Conditioning: Total Body Fitness for When the SHTF

Surviving is just the first step to survival. If you struggle with the basic physical abilities to easily get through some of the things I have discussed above, what good will the 2 years of food, hundreds of gallons of water, or thousands of rounds of ammunition do for you when the shit hits the fan?

Survival Fitness 101: Boost Your Strength, Stamina, Speed & Flexibility

When finding food isn't achieved by walking to the fridge or pulling around to the drive-thru and cleaning up involves a lot more than jumping in the shower, your body will need to adjust.

Prepper Fitness 101

Are you in a condition where you feel confident to take care of loved ones and yourself physically if disaster strikes?

Fitness for Preppers

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from TekNik.   Whenever I meet preppers, I'm usually fascinated by their level of...

5 Free Fitness Apps to Get You in Shape Fast

It is May now and we are fast approaching swim suit season. Are you dreading going to the pool and exposing yourself to friends...

Considering a Career in the Army?

A contribution from Nicole Lewis. a proud member of the U.S. Army on Military Education – How To Get Promoted Faster in the Army....

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Practical Prep – Match Stockpiles To Skills

Editors Note: Another guest contribution from R. Ann Parris to The Prepper Journal. If you have information for Preppers that you would like to share then enter...

Lessons from History: Death By Paper-cuts

We’ve probably heard the phrase “bleeding to death from paper cuts”. It applies in all areas of our lives, in all sorts of ways....

Underrated Survival Skill: Getting and Staying in Shape

You've pulled out all the stops. Water filter? Check. Stockpiled food? Check. An impressive arsenal of weapons to use only in the case of...

A Robust, Redundant Escape Plan Starts Today

Editors Note: An article from Dave Henly to The Prepper Journal. Reality if you really want to get off the grid. As always, if you...

Hobbies That You Can Do In The Bunker

Editors Note: An article from Nicole to The Prepper Journal. In the past we have had posts on Easy Ways to Entertain the family without Electricity and The...

Chronic Pain – In Every Preppers Future?

Editors Note: Another guest contribution from Meighan to The Prepper Journal. Relish your youth and strength as some of these will catch up with us...

Running Pain: When to Stop and When to Make Your Way Through

Editors Note: A guest contribution to The Prepper Journal. Good advice herein as keeping ones self in good condition and knowing how to listen...

Preparedness on A Shoestring Budget

Editors Note: Don't forget to vote in our current Prepper Journal Writing Contest! Getting Gear I will stand by physical fitness and know-how as two of...

Is Boot Camp for Weight Loss Ideal for Everyone

Editors Note: A guest submission from Brian John to The Prepper Journal. Time to start prepping for swim suit season. As always, if you...

Stress and Resilience: Preparing for the Days Ahead

Editors Note: A guest submission to The Prepper Journal. Preppers understand that the mental is as important as the physical when it come to being...

The Ultimate Stealth Bug Out Vehicle

When the time comes that I need to leave my suburban fortress, I think I’m leaving the SUV behind.  I have a mountain bike,...

4 Absolutely Necessary Things Every Prepper Must Realize

I – more so than a lot of people involved in this – have dealt with A LOT of other preppers face to face and I want to talk about the patterns that I have seen form over the years.

Being Honest with Yourself: A Prepping Reality Check

I have compiled a selected few topics I think people should reevaluate in their lives and make and give yourself a prepping reality check.

Wilderness Safety Tips for Women

Below are some of the wilderness safety tips women can put in place to be safe. Some of the tips revolve around things women may have been doing before, in preparation, not while faced with danger.

6 Essentials for Prepping with a Special Needs Child

So prepping for a child with special needs requires some serious thought, and some creativity. Read the following article, for some tips.

16 Best Hobbies for Preppers

These hobbies for preppers will give you skills that you can use in a survival situation but can also enrich your life right now.

10 Self Defense Tips for Women

Fortunately, there are a number of self-defense tips and techniques that can level that playing field and allow women to protect themselves and those that they are responsible for protecting.

10 Medical Resources You Can Get from Nature

These natural medical resources can be easily substituted as traditional methods of medication. The plants have capabilities to heal and reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure and arthritis

Winter Prepper Project Ideas – Indoors

Some of them relate to food production, some to increasing our efficiency, and some are little off-the-wall tasks that don’t get as much attention as they otherwise could.

Prepping Is a Moral Obligation

You have a moral obligation to be prepared in case of a crisis. In general, there are countless reasons to be prepared for emergency scenarios.

Traveling on Foot in a SHTF Situation

Whether you find yourself locked down with martial law or even a war-zone, you need to be prepared to travel the old-fashioned way: by foot.

3 Ways Prepping Pays Off Right Now

It’s far more likely to encounter a little emergency than a major movie-style event. So what to do with the big pile of food, gear, etc. that represents an investment of time, money, and storage space?

Survival Skill: Unarmed Combat

So how do you defend yourself using unarmed combat skills if you get stuck in such an unpleasant situation?