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Prepping for the NOW – Why Debt is a Sin to a Prepper

Preppers are oftentimes branded as nutcases. Television shows brand preppers as crazed doomsday theorists that live out in the hills and store guns and...

Out of Debt and Off the Grid

‘All challenges can be overcome,’ is what my grandfather used to say on the farm. Whether 80% of the chickens were just eradicated as...

Prepping on a Low Budget – Six Strategies to Get Out of Debt Quicker

Many of us feel a sense of anxious urgency about our prepping.  We know that if we suddenly find ourselves trapped in a Level...

Survive and Thrive, in Spite of the Media

It’s a jungle out there! Yep, that’s the title of a song by Randy Newman. In one of the lines, he sings “there’s confusion...

Modern Minuteman – Yes-No-Maybe Skillsets

As if preparedness alone didn’t have enough to learn and do, along with the modern minuteman movement comes additional taskers. I’m going to cover a...

So What Are You Doing to Prepare for February 16th?

Scheduled: U.S. Government Shutdown, Take 2 Date: 16 February 2019 The Players: Our elected representatives, The President and the 116th Congress; +/- 800,000 non-essential government employees;...

How Do We Prep for Possible Gridlock

Seriously, as preppers how do we prepare for government gridlock? While I need to set the stage this post is ultimately about some steps...

Lessons from History: Death By Paper-cuts

We’ve probably heard the phrase “bleeding to death from paper cuts”. It applies in all areas of our lives, in all sorts of ways....

Taking Advantage of Autumn

Editors Note: Another article from R. Ann Parris to The Prepper Journal. As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to...

Lessons from History – Victory Garden Advice That Applies To Everything

Editors Note: Another article from R. Ann Parris to The Prepper Journal. As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to...

When Staying Awake Really Counts

There are some people that we all depend upon to stay awake as others lives depend on it. And anyone who has served in the...

A Quick Guide to Creating a Preppers Financial Plan

Editors Note: A guest submission from Megan Nichols to The Prepper Journal. The next Prepper Writing Contest Award is coming! As always, if you...

What is an “Assault Rifle”?

The news these days is full of the debate about assault rifles.  But what exactly are we talking about? Many people claim that...

Every Day Carry (EDC) and its Application for Survival

Survival is largely a state of mind.  That being said, having some equipment and supplies with you can sure help.  Often, this "stuff" is...

The Truth about Bartering Series – Part 2 – Fiat Currency

The purpose of this article is not to share some ultra secret get rich scheme, or to tell you how to invest your capital....

Hurricane Harvey

Editor's Note: Hoping you are yours are safe, the storm now fades but the aftermath lingers and lingers and will last for years. The...

The Truth about Bartering Part 1

Editors Note: A guest contribution from Mike Harris, it is the first of several articles on the subject of understanding economics in order to...

Are You Really Prepared for the Real World?

It’s the kind of thing in between our normal, everyday life and an actual major disaster that just doesn’t get prepared for all that often.

For Those of You Waiting on Financial Collapse…

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a banker. That’s right, that evil, fat cat, wall street banker that became such a popular moniker during our last administration and I’m also a prepper.

Is Stocking up on Gold and Silver Smart?

You have a gold coin that you paid $1100 for back when the world was still somewhat sane. Do you offer that coin for a loaf of bread? 100 loaves or a years supply?

Prepping Is a Moral Obligation

You have a moral obligation to be prepared in case of a crisis. In general, there are countless reasons to be prepared for emergency scenarios.

Poverty Prepping: Getting Ready With Less Than $10,000 a Year

I have a tight budget. I’m talking, poverty level budget, and with survival products being over the top expensive, prepping can be really hard.

Start Prepping With Limited Funds? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Considering the regular commitments like mortgage and car payments they have to keep up with, average income Americans may feel they have no money to start prepping for disasters.

Learning from History: Take-Away Lessons from When SHTF in the Past

By learning about what happened in previous generations, and knowing that history repeats, we can prepare better and avoid making the same mistakes when SHTF again.

How to Live Off Grid Successfully

If you have been wondering how to live off grid - "is it really possible?" and "Can I do it?" the short answer to all of these questions is, "Yes!

Why Preppers Need To Make Rugged Individualism Popular Again

What has happened to the American psyche? Why has the idea of rugged individualism, a strong mind, and a noble character become unfashionable?

11 Ways Your Prepping Skills Pay Off In Everyday Life

We have situations every day that we need to be ready for so let’s see how your prepping skills work out in these situations.

8 Reasons Why Prepping Is Good for You

There are many disasters happening and most of us are not aware of it. Hence, these are 8 reasons why prepping is good for you.

The Coming Economic Collapse

People have been saying the US is on course for an economic collapse for years; however, several economists anticipate the US will default on its debt if the country does not change its fiscal policies.

What Is Your Emergency Response Plan?

What could an emergency response plan for your family look like and where would you start prepping?