The Rumors of My Demise are Overrated

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Though I can certainly understand how they started.

Due to events in my life The Prepper Journal site needed to take a seat in the back of the bus as I reviewed where all this was going and how best to move forward.

I would like to emphasize that the site is NOT being shut down, so there is no compelling need to cache content.

Running the content treadmill is simply a lot of work and I needed to take a break to re-evaluate how to produce and organize content better.

Please stay tuned for further updates and a return to quality content from The Prepper Journal.

Wild Bill

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A former rocket scientist (really) who has traveled the world, father, freedom lover, hates to stay indoors, and loves wild places, people and things. PC challenged, irreverent but always relevant and always looking to learn new things.

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11 months ago

Thanks for bringing us up to date. Had almost quit checking every week or so, Hope this means you are healthy and look forward to seeing your posts again soon.

Richard Douglas
11 months ago

Glad to hear you’re okay, Bill 🙂 Had me worried there.

Mister D.
Mister D.
11 months ago

Welcome back Sir!

vex 3 online
11 months ago

I am quite impressed with the rumors you shared. Hope you will have more interesting and useful articles.

Toninho Silva
10 months ago

I love you men! Welcome back.

8 months ago

I understand how life can overwhelm anyone at times.
Glad we all are here. Happy new Year to all.
keebler in Virginia.