You Voted Right?

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TODAY is the Day!You have until Sundown (sort of.)” These people made the effort and voted:

If you voted already then “Thank you!” from The Prepper Journal for exercising your right to have a say in your own future.

The Mid Term elections this year are every bit as important as the Presidential Election Cycle because we are again, America, at a crossroads.

We are at this crossroads yet again because the swamp is still not drained. The decision is clear, it is between continuing to move forward or doing a 180 and going backwards, period. The singular message of the swamp is to cripple progress, increase our taxes and spend it to build their base with an imported dependent class. It is all that keeps them in power and they are desperate to stop the progress against their agenda.

I am confident that, as preppers, you have already learned to filter the input from the Media. That advice from the celebrities they so love to quote, from aging rock stars to actors is viewed with amusement at best, disdain at worst, because, you know, they speak for us. After all who doesn’t have staffs of armed guards, administrative assistants, hair dressers, massage therapists and publicists at our beck and call? Who among us does not live in a  gated community, shielded from the lesser people? Well, me, for one.

The once admired Fourth Estates continues its free-fall from grace. As preppers I hope you seek alternative information and are suspect of sources and their motivations. Also, as planners and people who live in the real world you know there isn’t always a clear choice between good and evil, thought in November of 2016 it was more clear than ever before. The events that have transpired since then have convinced me that a vote for a Democrat now is a vote for mob rule, period. And I have voted for Democrats in the past. And I have held my nose when voting for more than a few Republicans, George Bush and John McCain in particular, others as well. The choice of lesser evils.

When I selected the category of this post I chose Opinion as a secondary level and Survival as the primary category because this election is about our survival. No, we do not have a perfect government, there is no such thing other than in fairy tales about “Good King “fill-in-the-blank”. But the differences, stark in November of 2016, are downright Armageddon today. Never has the choice been so clear.

To bring the slant of the media point home Google “Armageddon” – the only links on the first page results that were not about the 1998 disaster film, or how to get it on Amazon, were from Wikipedia and the one Jehovah’s Witness website that I attached above. I have long ago learned to filter the information Wikipedia presents as facts, they are quite impeachable when it comes to matters involving politics.

The choice is clear in my mind, a growing economy and prosperity verses mob rule, political corruption, a steady loss of freedoms and a growing dependent class we will be forever taxed to support. It is akin to being conscripted to raising the wolves that we will eventually be fed to, all of us.

Please, put on your best prepper “can do” attitude and walk, run, drive, crawl, hitchhike, paraglide, swim or skateboard to your polling place and do your civic duty. Screaming kids in tow, dogs nipping at your heels, get there and have a say. It matters.

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Christ Tauler
Christ Tauler
1 year ago

Will do..after I go to the gym : )

John D
John D
1 year ago

As I voted this morning I remembered the smears, and lies, and what they put the Kavenaugh family through. I know that a vote for democrats is a vote to grow the dependent class. There was no way I wouldn’t vote in this election.

1 year ago

Looks like the Democrats have stolen the House.

1 year ago

Does anyone really consider these elections honest and valid? Look at the disaster in Florida. One party loses, so they file suit, then miraculously, more ballots show up, virtually all going for the loser. The losers lawyers are the same ones that paid for the Trump dossier, Perkins something-or-other. The thing in Arizona is getting less press, but is just as disconcerting. One side loses, then miraculously, shit piles of ballots all voting for the loser appear. I don’t care about party. They are all corrupt. I don’t care which side won or lost, as its all lost, but how… Read more »