Vote for Your Favorite – Prepper Writing Contest Round Thirteen!

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AGAIN Preppers you get to cast your votes for the “best articles” published in the beginning of 2018.  Money, money, money! But more importantly GREAT information!

I have chosen five (5) worthy candidates for Round Thirteen of the Preppers Writing Contest. Again, it was a hard thing to do, so many honorable mentions, so much coverage of wide-ranging subjects. Impressive. Paring the list down to five (5) remains the challenge. As always, I want to thank everyone who entered and, as always, previous winners can still win again!

I will add that the trending was interesting. Looking at the posts the list, from top down of the five (5) most viewed was:

  • Never Be Situation Unaware
  • A Second Language is a Preppers Must
  • Introduction to Nuclear Survival
  • What is Your Weapon of Last Resort?
  • How to Use Vodka As a Prepper Supply

While some of these did make the list to vote on (below) I am providing them as just information as to what people are searching for on a regular basis.

The REAL contestants, in no particular order, are:

I will leave the voting open through the holiday weekend so please let me know which article you think is the best.

Cast Your Vote for Just One:


Round 13 - The Prepper Writing Contest

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nigel williams
2 years ago

Great! All the articles are great! How am I suppose to vote for one?