Fighting for Our Lives

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The Prepper Journal is out among them! Fighting tooth and nail, claw by claw, inch, by inch, closer and closer… beat someone out of that last KnockOff 96″ 4K, HD LED flat screen with built-in Dolby 5.2 Channel Ultra HD AV Surround Sound! And for the one-day price of $49.99!


Armed with our bug-out bag, our range bag, our SHTF bag and our ammo stash we were initially stymied at the entrance trying to lash 5 carts together with Paracord to carry in all we brought with us and then to carry out our “gotta haves” from the battle! But we did not come alone, oh no, we brought some friends!

And a comfy ride home….

NOW is the time to get the Prepper in your life some little gifts and we are down with that! Time is running out. And what better way to practice for a complete EOTWAWKI, SHTF scenario than hitting the brick & mortar Black Friday Sales! After all, Cyber Monday is for comfy on-line shopping – wimps. But this day is the measure of the metal of men’s souls. Let not a sweet smile, a slight and elderly frame or a child’s wide-eyed innocent look stand between you and your mission! Spoils for the victors! Take no prisoners for today we conquer and next month we sweat the incoming credit card bills!

 Don’t worry and be happy! Have a great holiday weekend!



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A former rocket scientist (really) who has traveled the world, father, freedom lover, hates to stay indoors, and loves wild places, people and things. PC challenged, irreverent but always relevant and always looking to learn new things.

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Certainly all “tongue in cheek”. Each year as I watch videos and read accompanying articles showcasing the uncivilized behaviors of the Black Friday deal hunting public, I cringe knowing what it would swiftly become if they were seeking food rather than big screen TVs.