The Seven (7) Most Important Survival Techniques You Should Teach Your Kids!

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Editors Note: A guest submission from Jessica at, an article on another core theme of The Prepper Journal, teaching our children. There are links to instructional videos on YouTube and you can usually skip the ads attached in a few seconds.

Parents are the true well-wishers of their children, and they always strive for their betterment and safety. In this era we as a society have become dependent to the machines and our kids have learned this as well, to both their benefit and peril.

Pretty rare are the opportunities to train our children for emergency situations ,however, one must as it may be a matter of your kids’ life. I have done research on the subject and I am going to present the best guide that will tell you how to train your kids for the survival conditions.

But you have to think about it deeply as it is the matter of your kids’ life. 

I have researched and compiled on the subject and going to present the best guide that will tell you how to train your kids for the survival conditions.

So, here we go:

  1. How to find, purify, and store the water:

Your child needs to learn how to find water, how to purify it and how to store it for future use. Without fresh water you have 3 days, max, so teaching your children how they can find water should be goal #1. As we all know they can find it in rivers, lakes and wells. They can also find it by finding a stand of trees or heavy brush that grows alone a line in an open field, valley or ravine. These plants seek water, grow where water is closest to the surface. They need to be taught that the intake of raw water might cause various diseases, so it is necessary to purify it, through boiling it for a few minutes which can kill the microorganisms. They need to know to avoid the impurities that settled at the bottom of the pan.


Moreover, it can be stored in bottles etc, for the further use.

So, let’s watch the step by step process:

Purify Water

  1. How to arrange the food:

Finding the food source is another important technique your child must know about. Teach your kids how to fish, how to hunt chicken; and how to open the canned food without a can opener. They should be familiar with these techniques, so that they can use those tips and tricks in survival conditions.


  1. How to build the shelter:

Building a shelter can protect your kids in emergency situations, such as from the harsh weather/temperature. So, they must know how to build up a shelter for survival. Teach them how to make a bed of leaves to get a barrier between the body and the ground, so that the temperature of the body might be maintained well in colder climates.


Similarly, there are lots of more tricks to build a shelter for survival:

Building a Shelter

  1. How to use a knife properly:

Your children should be taught about how to use a knife properly. They must know about the different kinds of knives and their uses, for example, fillet knife, skinning knife,  hunting knife etc.

Kids, fishing, contemplate cleaning fish they caught, Chama River, outside Abiquiu, New Mexico

They should know how to cut and debone the flesh; how to cut and peel the fruits and veggies; and such other techniques to cut the things for various purposes without harming their body parts.

  1. How to build up the fire and protect you from it:

Building the fire up is another necessary trick to teach the children, so that they can use it in survival circumstances. They must know how to build the fire with the help of lighter, fire starter, matches or something else.

There is another important aspect to teach them, that is how to protect themselves from the fire burns.

  1. How to use maps and compass:

It is another important thing to teach your kids. They must know how to use the maps and compass; and how to navigate towards the safer destination. This technique will help them to survive in the emergency situations.


In case, you don’t know how to use the compass, this tutorial video is going to teach you about:

Maps and a Compass


  1. How to do self defense:

Last but not the least Self defense!


Self defense is pretty much important to teach your children for a survival condition. They must know how to defend themselves from the wild animals, attackers, and such other risks:

Self Defense


So, that is all about the top 7 techniques you must teach your kids for their survival. Besides, you can also teach them how to cook a meal, how to sew, how to treat the wounds, how to call for help, how to use the GPS function of a mobile phone, how to swim, how to climb up a tree, how to fish, how to hunt, and such other techniques for obtaining more skills.

All these tricks will help your kids to combat the emergency and disastrous conditions and they would be able to protect themselves and survive.

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3 years ago

I agree 100% that these 7 techniques should be taught to kids. And i’m grateful I learned this at a young age.

3 years ago
Reply to  Chris

Great Chris

3 years ago

If at all possible “loan” your kids to a working farm or co-op for a summer. Many farmers a glad to have the additional hands during crop season, and livestock work never takes a break. In return your kids will be much healthier and stronger, and likely have learned a lot of useful skills.

2 years ago

If we could add a number 8 it would be basic first aid. Kids get injured and always have some cuts or bruises on them. Knowing how to patch themselves or their friend up is important.

2 years ago

I’d add how to grow food to #2, it’s not as easy as it sounds so best to practice now and kids can really get into measuring beanstalks and the watering

2 years ago

I would suggest adding 3 more points to this,

1. Knowledge of basic medicine should be given.
2. For survival, I think fitness is also important. Kids should be told to stay fit mentally as well.
* Condition apply
3*. They should know how to drive (Provided the age restriction)

All 7 techniques were useful by the way.