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Promise made, promise kept. Finally preppers you get to cast your votes for the “best articles” published between May 15th and July 16th of this year. And not a moment too soon as Round Eleven is just around the corner. Money, money, money! But more importantly GREAT information!

I have chosen five (5) worthy candidates for the Round Ten Preppers Writing Contest. Again, it was a hard thing to do, so many honorable mentions, so much coverage of wide-ranging subjects. Impressive. Paring the list down to five (5) remains the challenge. As always, I want to thank everyone who entered and remind you that Round Eleven is just a few weeks away.  And yes, as always, previous winners can still win again!

I will leave the voting open through the weekend so please let me know which article you think is the best. The five (5) articles in contention for the three (3) prizes of Amazon gift cards are (in no particular order):

And the Candidates Are:


Round Ten - Which Article was Best?

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R. Ann
3 years ago

So … I’m willing to say my computers have demons. (And so do the work computers, but they’re just adjusting to upgrades, so they’re understandable.)

Am I the only one who doesn’t see any vote tabs?
(I’m more comfortable asking since nobody’s lodged a vote according to my computers, but…again, could need holy water at this stage.)

Cheers, R. Ann

Robert Thompson
3 years ago

I’m not seeing any way to vote, either, and that’s on a tablet, two PCs (both running Linux), and three different browsers, all with script- and ad-blockers disabled.

R. Ann
3 years ago

I feel better. I just installed two updates/upgrades to the security suites for my POV girls and laptops, and … turns out, they are aggressive little “I don’t trust that” shrews.

Makes me feel nice and safe and secure like a GSD security blanket for a baby, but on the other hand, there are times a site presents differently (even more differently) and they sometimes eat email attachments.
And with me, I always have to scratch my head and wonder if I clicked one thing too many! 😀