Vote for Your Favorite – Prepper Writing Contest Round Nine – Finally!

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Promise made, promise kept. Finally preppers you get to cast your votes for the “best articles” published between March 9th and May 15th of this year.

I have chosen five (5) worthy candidates for the Preppers Writing Contest. It was a hard thing to do, so many honorable mentions, so much coverage of wide-ranging subjects. Impressive. Paring the list down to five (5) was the challenge. As always, I want to thank everyone who entered and remind you that Round Ten will be run as soon as we award these worthy candidates. And yes, previous winners can still win again!

I will leave the voting open for a few days so please let me know which article you think is the best. The five (5) articles in contention for the three (3) prizes of Amazon gift cards are (in no particular order):

And the Winners Are:

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Robert Thompson
3 years ago

It seems to me that since one article got an absolute majority of the votes, that author should receive all three prizes.

R. Ann
R. Ann
3 years ago

That’s very sweet, but half the voters picked a different article. 😀

On that point, if they’re still tied in 2nd & 3rd, I’m totally cool with dropping the first prize amount so they both get the 2nd place amount.

R. Ann

R. Ann
R. Ann
3 years ago

Thank you!