To Be or Not to Be – That is the Question!

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Editors Note: This post is a guest article from Viktor Jorkstam who wanted to share his perspective on living in other countries to avoid some of the pains that appear to be on our horizon. Viktor goes on to offer his own contact information for anyone who is considering a move abroad to get away from some of the overly harsh scenarios that seem to be painted for our future every day. If you have considered leaving the US as so many others are doing, it may be worthwhile to contact Viktor or someone from another country you are considering moving to.  Anytime you are considering a move, especially one like this that comes with so many unknowns, it helps to have someone helping you every step of the way so you aren’t taken by con-men. Research any claims fully and make sure you know what you are getting into before you make any decisions.

I follow with great interest the American alternative media with all the debates and viewpoints and I’ve got an impression that almost everyone is concentrating on details and political scenarios as if it had any practical importance for survival itself. In reality, for us, millions of ordinary people, civilians who during financial crises and wars are those who suffer most, it should be enough to know that the time we have at our disposal is really short. We should focus instead on survival issues in this physical realm and the next one, rather than participate in the intellectual debates on who is right or wrong and whose organ (I mean brain 🙂 is bigger!

Instead of speculating who will for instance engage in the escalating war in Iraq; if it will be US, Russia, Iran, or may be Israel? It should be enough for most people to know, that this war will be one of several flash points that will lead to higher oil and gas prices, high inflation, food shortages and more military conflict in many parts of the world. Conflict’s into which subsequently more and more countries will be tossed. It´s why the intellectual debate about who with whom and against whom is in this context without importance, since the time we have left is short and we cannot afford to discuss possible scenarios and outcomes for the future. Because for most of us, there will be NO FUTURE if we will not act NOW!

For me, as a foreigner, looking at US from a certain perspective is rather “healthy” since it offers larger degree of objectivity. The worldview of most Americans is to some degree distorted, since Americans look at the world outside through a prism of the American Exceptional-ism, as if the world didn’t exist for a couple of millennia without America. I agree that the American experiment with the republic and constitution was a nice try to free the people from the oppression of the ruling elites, although now it´s only a memory, like a beautiful dream that disappears as soon as we are wakened. Looking at what is happening around, it becomes clear that such self-centered worldview led not only the US, but as a consequence the entire world to the verge of an abyss. The question that remains now is, will the humanity make that fatal step forward, or will we be able to back off?

Recently I checked several websites for preppers and read some stories about relocating to among others Asia, Latin and South America, (Patagonia etc…) However, looking at a number of possible options for relocation, one should take into consideration many factors. But let us look only at some, which might be most vital for the security and survival itself, namely:

  1. How the population in country of our interest perceives US citizens? – We have to realize, that in most parts of the world people hate Americans because of US policy which combined with the economic crises will create a very dangerous combination for “rich” settlers from US. I would rather take a risk staying in US risking a FEMA camp, than moving to corrupt Asia, or South America.
  2. The current economic, financial and political stability. – Why it that so important? Because if a country already is struggling with economic and social problems, then what will happen when the world’s economy has collapsed and the situation has become much, much worse?
  3. Language, infrastructure and law and order. – What about the ability for communication? Not being able to communicate with people, prevents us from building permanent and friendly relations, which is extremely vital for security and even survival. The same applies to law and order since if during peaceful and “prosperous” times the society is corrupt, then what will happen “when the going will become tough?”
  4. The density of population in the country of your choice.  – That will be one of the most important issues, since in big cities, or densely populated countries only a very limited number of people will survive when the infrastructure collapses!

Looking at the above mentioned factors, I have a feeling that in the not so densely populated Scandinavia, with a very stable economy, good infrastructure, friendly people that most speak some English and have sympathy toward Americans, the chances for survival during the crises should be rather good. Providing that one will live in a countryside and if necessary would be able to become self-sustainable on food.

I live in the countryside in Sweden and am preparing myself, along with some friends to become self-sustainable. We will build aquaponics, start gardening, keep rabbits, chickens etc…

I’m aware that in US exist some myths about the socialist Scandinavia, and a myth about the collapse of EU that will be as tragic as the collapse of US. Let me give you some comments on these:

The Scandinavian story about socialism is in reality only a myth since the degree of regulations and government interference into people’s live, is much lower in Scandinavian countries than in US. Please watch Stefan Molyneaux YouTube video who rather correctly analyses the Scandinavian economies.

If you would like to learn more, look at:

The capitalism and a free market ideas are in Scandinavia as strong as they should be. The only difference is the approach itself toward prosperity and solidarity with the weakest one in society. To be blunt, we didn’t want to see homeless and hungry people sleeping on the streets, since such phenomenon would say much about ourselves as a society and as Christians and human beings!

The fear that Europe approaches precisely the same fate as US is exaggerated as well, so let me soothe those fears… The creation of the European Union is only an artificial organization, there a large number of very nationalistic and different countries decided to do something together, which showed to be a mistake for some or even a tragic decision for others. This fragile creature will for sure not survive the next financial crises. No doubt, that collapse of the EU will create havoc for all the involved countries, but they will soon go back to their nation states, their own currencies etc…, and start managing their business as they used to do before! The situation in US is completely different, since it’s a homogenous nation, multicultural and multi-ethnic, which in the times of havoc will contribute to a total disaster. However the citizens will not have the chance to go back to something else…

Finally, our elites in Europe are not preparing for a civil war against their own citizens. They are not arming private armies, militarizing police, or building thousands of concentration camps, (read re-education camps).

The differences are clear and obvious, our elites are not preparing for terror and genocide of their own people! The only thing we have to prepare us against will be the coming crises, inflation, shortages of food etc.., but such hardships could be overcome with preparedness and willingness to become self-sustainable!

In case anybody would consider relocation to Sweden, you may contact me writing to I would be happy to help some good people with information and arrangements in case they would consider relocating. I can provide all the details, rules and requirements that apply here. In general a family of 4 would need about 200 thousand dollars, to relocate, buy some business, flat or house etc… and receive resident permits here, which mean that a statistical middle-class family could relocate selling everything they have in US or Canada and move before all hell breaks loose!
Remember, to be or not to be!
Viktor Jorkstam


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Illini Warrior
Illini Warrior
6 years ago

yeh … relocate to Sweden …. sorry but the ratio numbers of blondes per population is the only attraction ….

6 years ago

Why do Europeans always assume that Americans’ worldviews are distorted? Is elitism a requirement to be European?
Reminder to

6 years ago

Sounds like a good plan. Definitely beats living in the US from what I hear. Y’all welcome over! Some things to know is that not all things are hunky dory. 40% of the population have mental problems. This is mainly due to the long winters and lack of vitamin d. (It is said that summer is the shortest day of the swedish year.) The winters SUCK. Also, most people are sheepishly shy, have problems connecting and are often percieved as cold or aloof. They can also be secretly jealous and nonapproving of other people’s success or difference. Many foreigners feel… Read more »

Pat Henry
6 years ago
Reply to  Jack

Thanks for the additional perspective Jack; I still want to visit but I don’t think I would move.