When The Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence

Editors Note: I came across this fascinating essay from Matt Bracken that made the rounds about a year ago. In it, he paints a dire potential future that some others have imagined. In his...

Do You Shoot: What if Your Imaginary Bad Guy isn’t Who Shows Up?

I have heard it stated somewhere “intent plus capability equals threat”. I believe it is an old formula used by people smarter than me when they are planning how to distribute defensive resources. I...

Tactical Gear List & Considerations for SHTF

The below personal tactical gear list is taken from a proposal I put together for counterinsurgency / tactical team in West Africa a few years ago, this should give you a few hints on kit etc.

How to Select the Best Handgun for Home Defense

As preppers we routinely discuss the need to have firearms for home security. Logically, one of the next questions revolves around how to select the best handgun for home defense. You may know that...

Survival Gear: Setting Your Group Standard

I am talking about the decisions you will make regarding the survival gear and equipment that your larger mutual assistance group is going to use. It is important to standardize on several major pieces of gear if you want to function cohesively as a unit.

Vehicle Security Basics for Survival in Bad Times

In times of civil unrest or if you’re traveling to a potentially hostile area your vehicle security and travel must be planned for and taken seriously.

Coming Gun Control – Prep Yourself Before It’s Too Late

Whatever you believe, one thing is certain - the upcoming election will be the most important one in the last century as it relates to gun control.

What Is The Best Kydex Holster Option for Your Handgun?

I own several firearms of varying shapes, sizes and each are designed for specific purposes. I am not a collector but like to classify my ownership and interest in having firearms as a hobby....

Riot Control Tactics

The headlines are predicting doom on November 1st  when the USDA projects that the average monthly food stamp payment of approximately $272 per household will be cut by $36 dollars. Experts are saying to...

Handgun Holster Modes of Carry: Part II

Part II: Modes of Carry Yesterday we talked about holster selection based on need, intended environment and material. Today we’ll talk about the different methods of OWB (Outside the Waistband) and IWB (Inside the Waistband)...

Martial Law = Gun Confiscation? One Big Reason Why it is Unlikely

Editor’s Note: This post is another entry in the Prepper Writing Contest from Bolo. Many Prepper and survivalist web sites contain an abundance of material about the likelihood of gun confiscation in the aftermath of...

Field Weapon: Constructing a Bow & Arrows Using a Knife

Using only what is available to from the natural surroundings and what small amount of belongings you have, it's time to construct one of the oldest tools used by hunters, the bow and arrow.

American School Children: The Next Big Terrorist Targets

“Teachers who teach western education? We will kill them! We will kill them in front of their students, and tell the students to henceforth study the Quran.” Abubakar Shekau, leader of Islamist extremist group Boko...

The Best Way to Carry Concealed

As a concealed carry license holder, I am always looking for the best way to carry concealed in whatever situation I find myself in. What I have found over many years is that this...
10 Tips for taking a Woman to the Range

10 Tips For Taking A Woman To The Range

The first gun I ever shot was a double-barrel shotgun.  I was 15 years old and my best friend’s older brother had set up two liter soda bottles outside for target practice.  I didn’t...

Top 5 Firearms You Need To Get Your Hands On NOW!

I would rather have my trusty shotgun as opposed to a baseball bat and harsh language if there were a bunch of people trying to knock down my door any day. So, with that in mind, below are my list of the top 5 firearms you need to get your hands on now.

10 Self Defense Tips for Women

Fortunately, there are a number of self-defense tips and techniques that can level that playing field and allow women to protect themselves and those that they are responsible for protecting.

Looter Defense Tactics

For many; the not too distant events in Ferguson are the first thoughts that come to mind when you mention the word looting. Looting in some circles is what you do apparently when there...

How to Avoid Falling Victim to Mob Violence

In any severe crisis or disaster, there is a risk of a breakdown of society. Even if there isn't a complete breakdown, there's the possibility of demonstrations, rioting and mob violence. It doesn't take...

Shotguns for Survival – Part 1

A shotgun is effective for hunting and there is not much which would be better at defending yourself from man or beast at close range.

Protect your Neighborhood with a Powerful Base Defense

Editors Note: A guest contribution from James Walton to The Prepper Journal. As always, if you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and possibly receive a $25 cash award as well as...

What’s the Best Close Quarters Weapon: Knife or a Gun?

I am always being asked which is better for close quarters self-defense a gun or a knife. Both are deadly weapons if used properly

Camouflage and Concealment: The Art of Staying Hidden

You do not have to have expensive patterns to give you good camouflage and concealment, a gray dress shirt and a pair of light khaki pants is way more effective than tactical Tim dressed in SWAT black!

Defensive Tactics When Under Fire

Introduction DISCLAIMER: This article in intended to provide basic information regarding defensive tactics to preppers who are new to the subject. Those with a military background or other advanced knowledge in tactical maneuvers are referred...

Holiday Safety When You’re Inside, Outside and Away from Home

Editors Note: A guest post from John Cuyoca to The Prepper Journal. Make note that Round 12 of the Prepper Writing Contest will be posted next week. Remember, if you have information for Preppers that...

Ammo Inventory Spreadsheet – Free Download

As we Preppers do our thing of planning, prioritizing and eventually acquiring supplies, skills and knowledge at some point you might need a hand organizing everything you have. There might be one or two...

Thinking About your Neighborhood from a Tactical Perspective

Yesterday I wrote about forming the Neighborhood Watch on Steroids and described a situation where you might need to join together with others in your neighborhood to provide defense from people or groups looking to do you harm or simply steal what is yours

How to Survive the Knockout Game

The news is buzzing recently of the “knockout game”. This is the latest dangerous fad for stupid people to get their kicks at the expense of others. The goal of this “game” is to...

Shoot To Kill: Instinctive Shooting

You use a method known as instinctive - or point- shooting. Instinctive shooting is simple- you point the gun and pull the trigger.

The Best Gadgets for Your Guns

So today, I’m going to point out offset sights, optics with integrated sights, and a specific type of single-point sling adaptor that could change some minds about the best gadgets for your guns.