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Enter To Win The Summer Heat Survival Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive an Armor, Emergency Food, and Survival Gear bundle worth over $2,477!

Enter For Free Today HERE!


Sponsored By: PrepperSupport.com, AR500 Armor, Survival Frog, GAT Daily, Prepper Journal


Survival Frog Emergency Food Package:

480 Servings of Wise Company (Long Term Storage) Meat Meals.

MSRP: $959.97

AR500 Armor Package:

Coyote Testudo

Advanced Loadout


Level III+LW front and back plates

IIIA Hybrid plates

Trauma Pads

Level III+ LW 6×8 side plates

And 6×8 Trauma Pads

MSRP: $1,118

Prepper Journal Package:

48-72 HR Survival Backpack

5.11 Rush 24

SOL Bivvy

SOL Tinder Quick

SOL Rescue Flash Signal Mirror

NDUR Sighting Compass

Firesteel 2.0

SAS Survival Guide

Petzl E-Lite

Cyalume 12 HR (10 Pack)

Cyalume 5 min

Rothco 100ft Paracord

Spool Tool


4″ Ace bandage

6″ Ace bandage

Sam Splint

Survival Matches


Duct Tape

Morakniv Companion Knife

MSRP: $400


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R. Ann

In no way TPJ’s responsibility.

The offer states:
“480 Servings of Wise Company (Long Term Storage) Meat Meals.” – Survival Frog

It’s the 480 meat pouch bucket set, not a combo of meats and entrees in the vein of the “Wise Choice” packages.
(Just in case somebody got all excited thinking Wise either moved away from the vegetarian TVP entrees, or had a new combo that included meat pouches in the same bucket as entrees. Still the same separations.)
Rebecca Ann

(Psst – not my website, any of them. Just sharing.)


Still a good adjunct to their (or someone elses) meatless entree packs. They also have fruit packs and vegetable packs. Beware of “servings” as a measure though, always make sure you are getting enough CALORIES.

R. Ann
It is. Point in fact, if you’re getting something for free, FD meat is a sight better than noodle-rice non-meat meals I had hoped from the phrasing that Wise had either started to make meat-included entrees or was starting to do a single-bucket combo that included a ratio of meat pouches with the entrees. There are storefronts near me who would carry it, whereas the multi-bucket combos are pricey enough that they don’t move. No dice – meat combo, not meat meals. The comment was strictly to save somebody else time and effort from contacting them either B2B or retail… Read more »

What is available is what is available. I would say take a “serving” of meatless entry which is tasty, and add a “serving” of meat either mixed in or on the side. It’s not like a “serving” of either is filling or has an adequate number of calories.


very good i like it i am very happy

Wild Bill



Would people submitting articles be considered “independent contractors” and thus ineligible for the contest?

Wild Bill

No. Anyone who has submitted material is still eligible…except me ;-(

Ben Leucking

I signed up for your “enter to win” drawing and started receiving spam messages within 12 hours. Please remove my name from your contest. I suggest that you find a better and less offensive way to attract readers.

R. Ann
They warn you when you sign up that they’re going to send messages, and that you have to stay on the mailing list for newsletters through the run of the contest. – It’s not Wild Bill/TPJ’s singular choice. You might want to create a drop/dump email for things like this and other signups rather than use one that’s going to become uncomfortably overfilled. It’s also a conglomerate contest, not any one site’s. So you’re going to have to go through the email and click the various “unsubscribe” links for the other sites. (Pssst…not my site, any of them – Just… Read more »
Ben Morris

I have been trying to enter and it won’t go to site to enter contests.What is wrong?

Ben Morris

I still can’t get into these contests to enter.Won’t go to enter competition.( summer heat,defender outdoors,hunting season,archery winner or hunting winner.)Emailed gleam and they say they don’t see anything wrong.Something is wrong.I have missed 3 days of entries now.Can’t you just send me these contests again in another email.


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