Calling ALL Contributors!

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Editor’s Note: We are looking for new and varied entries for the Prepper Writing Contest. If you have information for Preppers that you would like to share and possibly win a $300 Amazon Gift Card to purchase your own prepping supplies, enter today.

As you know guest Contributors have added significant value to the site and to our followers. Like Rick, more of you have a following than you know and our readers are anxious to hear more, hear of new things and of old things that have proven themselves over time and practice.

We would like to suggest articles on long-term food storage system successes and yes, even failures as that is how most of us learn. Articles on vehicle spare parts and supplies you NEVER go 4-wheeling without? What tools can’t you survive without and what tools can fill more than a single function thus reducing weight in your bug-out supplies?

Going back to an article titled “Am I The Only One Who Saw “TERMINATOR”, published on January 20th of this year, new articles have been published this week on significant advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and by very reputable scientists who have linked the next steps to make a self-sufficient robot. Change is good, change is constant and change affects us all, so what changes concern you?

If you have submitted something in the last 60 days we are going through those now and we thank you and we will get those out ASAP. So don’t be shy, we thrive on diverse opinions and good ideas. And as always, THANK YOU!


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I have several for you. I broke my arm I so have not had a chance to edit and confirm there are none the same already written.

Giving my past profession, most of them will fall under first aid so not exactly what you are asking for.


Red J

What are the prizes or rewards for the articles that prove worthy?

Ben Leucking

I have written fourteen articles for Pat under the name “Bolo,” and currently have three concept pieces sitting on the back burner. Frankly, I want to see where you are going to take TPJ. Pat did an awesome job and built a strong cadre of dedicated readers, many of whom contributed great insight and value merely by their comments to articles written by others.

There is a lot of garbage on the prepper/survivor web sites these days, articles that are poorly written, researched, edited and/or reviewed.

R. Ann
x2 …And well said, Bolo (One of your series was what brought TPJ to my awareness, and I stayed for Pat’s input and takes, and then continued as other’s contributions continued). I didn’t realize Patrick Henry was done-done. I waited a while thinking he was just incredibly busy. Hello, Wild Bill. You still have several of mine that were submitted to Pat and TPJ. Since he seemed busy and had several of mine left from the May-June submission emails (some of which directly or obliquely addressed some questions I’ve gotten here in comments or am commonly asked either on forums… Read more »
John D

I’m glad to hear that TPJ will continue to publish articles from guest contributors. I love the diversity of thoughts and styles. After all, there are many places a reader can go for information about weapons, gardening, wilderness survival, and so on. To encourage more guest contributions, why not reward guest contributors with a small payment, perhaps $25, for each article that you publish? At the same time, continue with the prizes for the best three articles.


How do we contact you, Wild Bill?


The end of the last contest was delayed a month, and the winners/prizes for this round have been delayed for another month. I’m going to sit on my articles until this round is fully resolved, and I’d imagine that a number of other writers are probably doing the same. Finishing out one round before calling on more articles has to be considered a priority.