Prepping on a Budget

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One excuse that some people use for not beginning to prepare for disasters is the cost. They look at shows like Doomsday Preppers or view the advertisements on prepping or survival blogs and start mentally calculating the costs of everything they need in their head. When you look at Prepping or being prepared as a destination it is easy to see why this thought looms in the minds of people everywhere.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I have said it many times before that Prepping is a lifestyle. Prepping is never something you can finish and for most of us we will never be as prepared as we like, but by taking slow, steady steps towards your goals you will be more prepared today than you were the last month. When you look back years from now you might be amazed at what you were able to accomplish.

Now after saying all of that, I will readily admit that prepping in many areas involves some financial commitment. The trick is to acquire prepping supplies as your financial resources allow, don’t break the bank, but save money at every opportunity. Today I wanted to share a couple of ideas I have used personally to save money. When you are prepping on a budget, you want to put a good bit more thought and research into purchases but this should save you some money in the long run.

Determine what you need to spend more money on

A highly rated, fixed blade survival knife for $25?

There are some items that basically do the same thing, but depending on who makes the item, the cost could be dramatically different. You could purchase an Audi or you could purchase a Ford. They will both do the job of getting you where you want to go in relative comfort, safety and dependability, but one car could be twice as much as another. Yes, the Audi might have different amenities, aesthetics and niceties. It is probably engineered better and will overall be a better investment, but you chose to spend more for one.

It is similar in some respects to many of the items we look at as necessary for prepping. We know we need a certain item and begin shopping, reading reviews or scouring the comments on prepping blogs for the perfect item. Many times this will lead you to an item that while very good, is not significantly better at doing the job you will require of it to warrant spending twice as much. Knives are perfect examples of this concept and firearms usually get into this territory as well.

Before anyone gets on to me, I firmly believe in the concept of you get what you pay for. I don’t advocate buying the cheapest thing you can find in all circumstances but sometimes, you just don’t need to buy the Audi when the Ford will be perfectly fine. Consumables are where I first looking at cutting cost. Disposable paper products, lighters, matches and toilet paper are easy targets. Dollar stores are great for some items but not everything. Yard sales are excellent bargains too if you have the discipline and can find the right deals. I have a friend who has some special power for finding ridiculous deals like a crossbow in a case with arrows for $50. About all I can find is books.

Something like a knife involves a little more research, but you can easily compare products on sites like Amazon.com. Should you spend $155 for a Cold Steel Espada with polished G10 handle knife or would something closer to the $24 Gerber Warrant Knife do just as well for saving your butt in a survival scenario? I know there is a case to be made for spending money on collectables or what you “must have” because it makes your soul smile, but we are talking about saving money here.

Military Surplus stores can be a good source of deals on some of your prepping supplies.

Military Surplus stores can be a good source of deals on some of your prepping supplies.

Purchase used items

Another good way to count pennies if you are prepping on a budget is to buy gently used items. Not every piece of prepping gear you get needs to be brand new for it to be perfectly suited to what you need and this almost always will cost you less than full price. One place to get some items used would be Ebay, military surplus stores and Craigslist. I wouldn’t get underwear or anything like that, but I have purchased used military sleeping bag systems and saved hundreds of dollars. You can shop for backpacks and other camping gear in the off-season (right now) that people are looking to get rid of because they got new equipment for Christmas.

Firearms are usually just as good when they are used as brand new, but you likely won’t save too much money going this route because firearms don’t typically lose their value. You could save$50 to $100 though if you shop around. Pawn shops and gun shows are two great places to legally purchase used firearms and save some money.

Buying rice in bulk is a huge cost savings.

Buying rice in bulk is a huge cost savings.

Buy in bulk

Food is one of the first things that preppers stock up on and it makes sense because we all need food, pretty much every day but you can save money by purchasing in bulk. There are a few good candidates for this method, but Rice, Beans and Whole Wheat come to mind. Instead of buying the small bags of rice, you can buy a 50 pound bag of rice for about $20. This one bag provides 504 servings of rice. To keep it fresh, you can store it in sealed Mylar bags. You can also bulk purchase Salt, #10 cans of fruit and veggies and toilet paper if you have a Sam’s or Costco membership.

Another thing to buy in bulk is ammo because you can usually get a better rate if you purchase 1000 or 500 rounds at a time as opposed to a single box of 50. Freeze dried food in bulk supplies of 3 or 6 months will save you money and cut down on the number of trips the UPS man has to make to your door. Yes, these purchases cost more out of pocket, but it could actually save you money to wait until you have the funds for that bulk purchase. Naturally this assumes you have some supply at your disposal while you are saving.


Don’t buy during a panic

Do you know when the absolute worst time to buy a generator is? Immediately after a disaster. I have heard stories of the cost of generators doubling after a flood, tornado or other crisis and that is simply because the demand goes through the roof. Resist the urge to buy anything prepping related like this in the aftermath of a disaster unless it is absolutely necessary.

A good strategy is to wait until everyone who bought these generators are selling them 6 months down the road because they don’t believe they will ever need them again. Along with items like generators, food supplies are lower during a disaster as well. You don’t want to be running to the store when everyone else is.

One good thing you can do is to create a list of all the prepping supplies you think you need and prioritize the items in that list. Once you have them in priority order, you can be more selective about what you purchase and when. Take some time to shop around. The internet is a great tool for comparison shopping and you can easily see who has the lowest prices on items. With a little forethought you can strategically make purchases and save money.

What ideas do you have for prepping on a budget?


  1. LWJ

    March 6, 2015 at 7:39 am

    Buds guns and layaway for firearms. I save 10 to 15 percent over what the stores in town would charge, and the 25 dollar transfer fee is better then paying sales tax. I found my Trijicon on EBay for 950.00 and since it was an unissued Marine Corps model, the seller dumped them for cheap. Deals can be found if your willing to look.

    I also ask my wife for gear etc at Christmas and for my birthday. Same thing with the parents, they got me ammo. I also stopped buying Xbox games for the most part, which leaves me quite the chunk of change to use on more important things.

    • Pat Henry

      March 6, 2015 at 8:56 am

      I will have to take another look at Buds. Just scanning for one in particular, the prices didn’t seem to be discounted for me, but I will check them out again when I am looking to buy. I always want to save money when I can.

      Thanks LWJ!

      • LWJ

        March 6, 2015 at 10:07 am

        The problem that I have out here is a limited number of sellers who are arrogant. They know this is gun country and they don’t like to keep a variety of firearms. Want a Glock 21 your golden, want a Sig Mk25 and you will pay for it if they can find one. Taxes suck to, the 25 dollar transfer fee is much nicer. However if your a fan of instant gratification this method is not for you.

        The other thing I am trying is the Walmart Savings catcher gimmick. After every trip I use that app and have about 40 bucks in credit that I am going to build up until the end of the year. An extra hundred can go a long way at that store if your frugile.

  2. S. Cullen

    March 6, 2015 at 12:01 pm

    It’s Me again….The “mouth from the south”…..
    Since I don’t have very deep pockets at the moment…actually I’m piss poor and a dollar short”…usually….
    But that hasn’t stopped me from doing some prepping….
    The first thing I’ve done is analyze my needs…
    Etc etc etc….
    Then the fun begins….
    I’ve done a ton of research….looking at all the variables one (Moi) needs for my individual prepping….
    I’ve done this since “not all Preppers are created equal”….in other words what I need might or may be different than the next person….
    I am a family of 2 and other’s might be a family of 3 or 4 or 10….it all depends…
    Then one’s location plays a key role as well….Urban, Suburban or Rural locations geographically…will affect one’s “prepping” needs…
    So I guess everyone needs to look around and see what they need and then start from there…This is the “assessment phase”….
    Then what I’ve done is the “Research Phase”….
    This phase requires one to look high and low to see who has what and for what price…
    Guns, ammo, food, supplies etc etc etc and determine one’s needs….
    Example is if one lives in a urban area, perhaps a hand gun and a shot gun is all that is needed. A person living in a rural area might need those as well a long gun…rifle, AR15 or other weapon….
    Then one needs to determine ammo needs….1,000 rounds total or 1,500 rounds per weapon….that becomes an individual need or requirement based upon one’s “assessment of needs”…..
    I’ve come up with the requirement of having 11 guns.
    Why so many? Well it’s because of where I live….in a rural area. I’m surrounded by 45 acres of woods and live on 4 acres of land. from my house to the front road is over 500 ft. and over to 700 ft. in the back of the property.
    So I need a long gun…but I have two AR15’s …
    One is good, but 2 is better for this reason.
    What happens if one AR15 malfunctions. I have no long gun and a bunch of ammo that now becomes useless.
    But having 2 gives me a back up weapon just in case the SHTF because if it does, I probably won’t be able to run to a gun shop to get it fixed.
    Also living in a rural area, surrounded by woods I have 2 chain saws. Now someone in a city, probably won’t need chain saws…
    This is what I mean by “assessing your needs”….It all will vary depending on where you live and what you’ll need to survive on.
    It really, in the planning stages” comes down to a “science of sorts”…
    Then become a “shopper from HELL”….
    Do your research for who has what…..
    FREE is BEST!!!!! Sales are good…retail suxs….but sometimes it’s your only choice.
    Shop local merchants and become their best customer…this can become a valuable tool/asset….because they’ll work with you and over time also maybe give you a discount because your a good customer….and don’t be afraid or humble to negotiate with them….see if you can work a “deal” even if it’s 10% that’s 10% can be used for other items.
    Work with your local merchants and become friends with them…
    Also become resourceful…look around, talk to others and investigate …
    I was looking for a way to store gasoline and spent several months looking for ways to do it…w/o and success.
    I casually mention to someone about looking to store gasoline and was looking for “something” to do it in….
    He gave me a lead on a race shop locally who had 55 gallon barrels that could be used and they ran for around $20 each…maybe less.
    I located the guy and spoke to him and now I’ve got 6 55 gallon sealed and lined metal barrel that originally stored racing fuel and the barrels are costing me $10 a piece…partly because I’ve bought several and come to find out we know some mutual people, so he’s giving me a good deal….
    Communication and resourcefulness is a wonderful thing….especially when it comes to “Prepping on a budget”…..
    Example is this…
    I was in a pawn shop the other day looking around and to get a used chain saw.
    I asked about any generators…and they just happened to have one that was 3,500 Watts. Looked almost new….
    Then I asked them “How much”? They were asking for $299…and I offered them $270….”Done deal”…..
    Got the generator and saved $30 which then can be used say at Wal-Mart to buy 40 cans of veggies…at .58 cents a can….or I could then buy say 60lbs of rice…and add those items to my “stash”….
    My gun shop also had some .223 ammo on hand….I got 210 rounds and then put 300 on hold for me, because since I’ve bought 11 guns from then in 8 months they’ve treated me well….
    I’ve also been able to get 6 55 gals blue plastic barrels to store rain water…all for free…online some places sell these barrels for over $100 a barrel….FREE IS GREAT!!!!
    Another thing one needs to do is “Think outside the box” or become creative in ideas….
    An example of this is making a charcoal grill to cook on in case the SHTF ….
    One can spend $50 for a charcoal grill or doe this….
    Go to Wal-Mart and pay $15 for an 18″ charcoal frill grate…
    Then to Lowe’s and get 4 cinder blocks and 4 12″ X 12″ patio pavers for a total of about $25 for grate, blocks and pavers and you can cook over that and you’ve saved $25 for food…
    Buy food based on bulk. Bulk is usually cheaper…and also buy off brand or store brand…after all sugar is sugar and peas are peas….
    Find free food storage buckets for rice, sugar etc…and store those items in the sealed buckets….
    I’ve been able to score 10 of these buckets for free…A good thing. Then I’ve found at Lowe’s the blue large buckets with the lids and these can be gotten for around $4 and work great to store sugar, flour, etc….
    Like I’ve said, “Free is best, and cheap is good”….unless of course one has a boatload of cash to spend….then budgeting wouldn’t be a problem or issue, but I have neither a boat or unlimited income/resources to spend on everything I need.
    Your situation may vary…..
    I’ve built up about 120 lbs. of rice and 40lbs of sugar so far….over time and step by step especially buying in bulk.
    Smart shopping can save a LOT!!!! If you do it right….
    Check out several large box stores and know your regular pricing and your sale pricing for each store….and when something is on sale grab them…Chef Boyardee is an example….$.98 is the usual price at Wal-Mart…. but right now it’s in sale for .75 cents a can….and that’s about a 25% savings….and with 60 cans in the stash for now, it all is good….and that means more peas, carrots, corn etc…..
    Now this whole process, can become a ROYAL PITA trying to “get blood from the turnip” or it can be fun to shop like “the cheapest SOB, ever to occupy the face of the earth”….and “score deals after deals”….
    Now all of the above doesn’t need to apply, if you’ve got deep pockets and lots of cash on hand to spend as you please….You may, I don’t.
    But I’ve got 5 months of food and water on hand, 11 hand guns, 4,500 rounds of ammo, 200 lbs. of charcoal (on sale last Labor Day with 40lbs for $9.98 at Lowe’s…Kingsford BTW)…10 28 oz. cans of charcoal fluid at $2 a can…
    Anyway, I could go on and on here, but you see how I’m doing things….
    Plus I’ll add this….
    “Rome wasn’t built in a day”….
    Therefore, Prepping on a budget” is a process, a journey and it will take time….
    But it can be done….But the “wildcard” with Preppers, because we do not know “how much time we have before or should a SHTF situation occurs.
    But I look at it this way….each day going forth, I try and do something to add to my “prepping activities” be it research, assessment, purchasing, whatever….But each day I spend on it gets me one day closer to meeting my needs.
    But should the “clock run out, and then “game on” with a SHTF event, I’ll be further along than say 90% of the population, who in the grand scheme of things will not have done anything….
    And that is what “Prepping is all about”…..
    Look at it as a hobby, a past time, an “investment” ….whatever you wish to call it…and not an ordeal or something that is so overwhelming, that you quit, before you get going….
    Hopefully my thoughts will be able to help some of you all out there and you’ll be able to find a few ideas…
    Best to all….

    • NRP

      March 6, 2015 at 2:40 pm

      OK Ok Steve; since you took the “mouth from the south” I’m claiming “the mouth from the southwest” HAHAHA

      One hell of a “comment”, and a LOT LOT LOT of good advice in there thank you for the book LOL.
      Honestly I have been doing this “prepper” thing for only a few/several months now and am actually surprised how it’s going and how easy it is. I guess the fact I already had a bunch of “stuff”, read: firearms, place in rural America, good supply of food/water, camping stuff and so on, it makes this transition into a “prepper” a natural thing. Maybe I was already there?

      One thing I keep saying to a few others is, if you use one, buy two. IE if you go to the range and shoot 500 rounds of 45-ACP; then you should reload or buy 1000 rounds. If you break open a case of peaches, buy two cases. That seems to work very well for me; of course you need to keep in mind your initial goal of storing 2 years of food, water, ECT. BUT it’s a good way to start your stash and to keep building what you actually use, not a bunch of stuff you’ll regret having in 5 years.

      One thing I would also recommend in the budget is a little cash for Training. Now this may sound crazy, but contact your local Boy/Girl Scouts, they are always looking for people to help out. And honestly you will learn a heck of a lot from the others, even the kids. Also try the local community college, it’s cheap and usually they offer a lot of interesting classes besides Calculous and French.

      HAHAHA I have to laugh at you’re comment “Then become a “shopper from HELL”….” I LOVE it; I’m betting you have nothing on this old man though HAHAHA

      My biggest recommendation is ———- wait for it———“just START”.

      Thank you Steve, Pat, and a lot of others here.

      You guys are a good example of “doing it right”.

      NRP, AKA mouth of the southwest, HAHAHAHA

      • S. Cullen

        March 6, 2015 at 5:11 pm

        OK…as Paul Harvey would say….
        Now for the rest of the story…
        I am a “product” of my life experiences….
        Basically I was in law enforcement for over 26+ years…
        9 years in the Boston area and 17 years in Miami…
        Had my share of close calls as well.
        Whitey Bulger did a “hit” that I missed by about a minute…
        Was on duty when the FBI shootout in S. Dade went own back in 1986 killing 2 FBI agents…
        Worked on duty the night Hurricane Andrew came to S. Florida ..
        Been involved in multi-million dollar drug seizures….
        Commanded 9 active home invasion robberies
        Involved in several multi-million drug seizures….
        I’m degreed with 2 degrees….
        Specialized training in 37 various specialized programs including EMT, First Aid, Advanced First Aid for First Responders…
        Supervised or managed between 35 and 160 employees both in the public and private sector from municipalities to DHS….
        Started several businesses in my time as well…
        Then dealt with a serious illness that left me paralyzed and bed ridden for 14 months…it’s called Chronic Inflammatory Demylating Polyneuropathy or CIDP which is in the ALS/Polio/MS family….
        Plus there’s more to my life…crocked cops, major drug dealers and corrupt politicians….
        “Hits”, contracts, and near misses as well….
        Otherwise, I’ve lived a VERY BORING life…..
        That said, enough is never enough…..
        Everything will eventually run out at some point in time….
        One needs to plan …
        This involves:
        then coming up with a “game plan” tailored to the individual’s own personal needs…
        Each person’s needs will be different….no one size fits all.
        For some a couple of guns will be fine…like a 17 round semi auto and a shotgun…
        Others will require more….
        All items should be backed up by at least a factor of two and in some cases a factor of 3 or more….
        Some think they need to run out and buy everything at one time…
        Well like I said, if you have very deep pockets all well and good…
        However, buying everything at one time probably isn’t a good idea from where I sit.
        My stash of food also is used from time to time even now, and by spreading out my items as I buy them, eventually I’ll rotate the older stuff out and use it and then replace it with fresh supplies, rather than buy a ton of food and letting it sit…eventually it will go bad…
        I also sit and think a lot and ask myself “What if”?
        I repeat, I ask myself
        “WHAT IF”?
        What if the SHTF?????
        Do I have enough for what 3 months???? 6 months??? 9 months??? 12 months????
        Pick a time frame and work to the point…..
        How can I eat well for as cheap as possible????
        What stores well???
        What stores for say 2+ years????
        When I shop I look at price, “unit price”…and best used by date….
        I also shop thinking off how I can put together good meals….and not just survival food…
        I’d like to be able to eat as close to normal as I can now…
        Therefore, I ask myself how can I cook????
        Microwave???? Propane stove??? Propane grill????
        Will I cook on a camp grill??? over charcoals???? Open wood fire????
        A regular electric stove run off a generator????
        I have a Camp Chef propane double burner and oven to cook with, 2 charcoal grills, one BBQ propane grill and a microwave + 3 18″ and 24” charcoal grill grates to cook on…
        How do I want my coffee??? brewed as I have it now, a coffee pot over a fire or instant coffee???? and how will I achieve that???
        Storing water????
        I collect 2 liter bottles, plastic bottles, 1 gal milk jugs and any plastic container now that holds juices, drinks etc….probably have 250 bottles at least and not one of them cost me a penny….all collected for me by others…I go back to “free being the best”….
        There’s a whole and complete paradine of being able to collect items and find items that can serve 2 or more purposes…
        Example is I’ve got about 40-50 small plastic bottles filled with water and frozen which will be my large 60 quart ice chest “ice cubes” to keep drinks frozen…
        I’ve got 25 ice trays to make ice cubes in either by putting them in a freezer or outside during the winter and making ice cubes naturally overnight….
        Those plastic bottles????
        Some I’ll cut the bottoms out and they will become small pots filled with planting mix to start seedlings in the garden to plant in the spring started from seeds if not used for purified drinking water?
        I plan on collecting and storing 300 gallons of drinking water from the roof anytime it rains 1″ or more….for cooking, drinking, washing and whatever else I need to use water for….
        In my area, it rains about 54″ a year….
        a 20X30 ft. tarp area on the roof can collect about 250 gallons of water with 1″ of rain…collected into 2 55 gal. plastic barrels (lined with heavy duty contractor black plastic bags run into a screened covering off the gutters and transferred into 5-6 32 gallons barrels in the shed will give me a good supply of drinking water….
        Like I said, it’s assessing, analyzing planning and then finding what one needs to work for them.
        Another point I’m working on is to enclose my porch with fire wood stacked 4 feet high and 18″ thick to not only serve as a source of heating with but as a fortress incase I need cover…
        I’ll put in heat vents that go into the floor in certain places to use as “sniper ports”…these are round on one end and flange out to a rectangular shape about 6″ X 12″….good enough to place and AR15 through and be able to shot out of but I’ll have 18” thick protective barrier to hide behind…which should be able to stop most incoming rounds….
        I’ve also got 3,000 ft. of barb wire on rolls (about $100 worth) as well which I’m planning on using…won’t stop everyone, but damm well will slow them down if need be…long enough for me to pick them off if I have to.
        1100 to 2200 lumens spot lights located in various parts of the house….to illuminate up to 2,000 feet ….and locate game and bad guys….
        So see, one needs to think this whole thing through beforehand and not after the fact, because my guess is after the SHTF all bets are off and game on….and those who plan the best will be the one’s standing at the end….
        BTW I’m also a self described “news junkie” and pretty much can quote “chapter and verse as far as what’s going on in this crazy upside down world…
        My guess is electrical grid take down or dirty nukes within 6 months and no later than December 2016….
        Just my humble opinion….
        Otherwise all is well in the world…just ask Barry!!!!

      • S. Cullen

        March 6, 2015 at 5:11 pm

        I wrote a very long reply to you….but it seems not to have posted…so I’ll try again shortly

        • NRP

          March 6, 2015 at 5:22 pm

          @ Steve
          Thinking that maybe Pat put a block on comments that are longer that the article?? HAHAHA

          • S. Cullen

            March 6, 2015 at 5:26 pm

            Could be…I tell to get long in the tooth at times…
            Oh well..

            • NRP

              March 6, 2015 at 5:30 pm

              Nothing wrong with that, all information you/we can pass along is never a bad thing. IMHO

            • Pat Henry

              March 6, 2015 at 5:31 pm

              Sorry about that. My comment engine blocks things automatically for me. Sometime it is for links or language. I try to let almost everything go, but it sometimes takes me some time to approve them.

              • S. Cullen

                March 6, 2015 at 5:38 pm

                Not a problem…I was just trying to write a bit to get some other stuff off my mind…and relax….

              • NRP

                March 6, 2015 at 6:00 pm

                Write a bit???? OMG I would hate to see you get fired up and blast away… HAHAHAHA
                Have a beer on my Sir.
                Gata run, later

    • LWJ

      March 7, 2015 at 12:39 pm

      Still trying to figure out the need have a few billion rounds for every caliber/gauge of weapon in ones inventory. My main four that I stock up on are 9mm, 5.56/.223, and 12 and 20 gauge. Although most of the shotgun shells are various bird loads. I would say I have less then 150 shells of various types of buckshot or slugs. My supply of .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .308 is also very limited maybe about 200 rounds per pistol. My supply of .308 is about 3.5 boxes so maybe about 68 rounds. I think that trying to reach that magical high number for every caliber is a waste of money, unless you plan on bartering ammo there are other things one can and should sink their money in.

      • S. Cullen

        March 7, 2015 at 5:54 pm

        Again, it’s what I’m use to and it’s just the way I use to do things.
        Plus if the SHTF you may not be able to get ammo for a very very long time.
        If you think my # of rounds are a lot, there are some people who I’ve come across at a location I’m at now, that what they have for weapons and ammo would simply blow your mind away….
        I spoke to one guy recently and he has 5 AR15’s and 30,000 rounds of 223 ammo….SERIOUSLY….
        So 3,000 rounds would be a drop in the bucket more or less.
        I would much prefer to have more and never need it rather than have less and end up running short.
        I use to routinely have around 500 rounds of ammo at any given time either at home or at work…and later on I bumped it up to 1,000 of which I carried about 500 rounds in my vehicle…
        Just incase we needed it.

        • LWJ

          March 7, 2015 at 11:21 pm

          Yes but what does your fighting load consist of, if people start to break out the long guns? How many mags are you willing to carry for your primary and sidearm?

          • S. Cullen

            March 8, 2015 at 8:10 am

            I use to carry either in a 9mm or a 40 cal 3 mags ….plus I had 2 12 gauge shotguns in my unit as well with at least 30o rounds of handgun ammo and 100 rounds of shotgun ammo….but then I was the shift supervisor/shift commander…

            I was a cop in Miami area, and that wasn’t exactly Podunk PD.

            Now? I’ll have whatever I need….

            I once was in a shootout with a 38 cal revolver and ran out after 18 rounds…and vowed never to let that happen again.

            Additionally when I was in the Investigation Unit Sgt. Dave Rivers of Metro-Dade PD came to our agency and gave an re-enactment of the FBI shootout down in S. Miami which killed to FBI agents…Jerry Dove & Ben Grogan …

            The FBI went up against Platt and his partner who had AK47’s and the FBI had 38 revolvers and shotguns and were absolutely outgunned…not to mention a series of bad luck and misfortunes that played into that situation.,,,

            Therefore I vowed that I’m never be in a situation where I was outgunned…

            I have 9MM for myself and my wife…40 cal which the wife can’t handle….

            2 AR15’s….2 12 gauge 18.5″ Tactical shotguns and 1 Kel-Tec KSG “Bull Pup” shotgun…

            All together I probably have about 20 mags off .223 loaded and maybe a dozen 9mm/40cal as well….

            If that doesn’t do the trick, I’ll throw the towel in….

            Otherwise I’m really a peaceful fun loving nice guy….sometimes…

            • LWJ

              March 8, 2015 at 9:26 am

              My point that is that when you plan on hauling that much ammo on your person you cease becoming a prepper. My PC is set up to carry three pistol mags and three rifle mags. I have enough ammo to break contact and lay down fire If needed. But not enough to play operation Phantom Fury and engage in sustained firefights with my currernt setup. Carrying that much hardware in an open manner just makes it more likely that your going to set up for an ambush so people can acquire your stuff.

              I should also ask what do you travel with on a daily basis? Do you have a trunk gun with you now, or do you leave all the long guns at home?

              • S. Cullen

                March 8, 2015 at 3:41 pm

                I’m not moving…I’ve got it set up to fortify my area….(house)…

                I don’t ever think I said I was moving anywhere, so not sure where you came up with that idea???

                My location is about as good as it gets and I think I can secure it pretty well…

                I don’t carry anything outside of the house…no need to…

              • LWJ

                March 8, 2015 at 6:22 pm

                Sorry I have a plate carrier for my serious go to war pile of gear. If we are at the point of open carrying long guns to secure the neighborhood to defeat armed aggressors I will be wearing that bit of gear. I have it currently set up to carry 3 rifle and pistol magazines to be as efficient as possible with my gear. I am not going to try to be an unorganized bum and try to stuff magazines into my pockets and hope I remember where they are at. I am comfortable with having 4 magazines for each weapon to fend enough the threats we might have to face. I just don’t carry a fire teams worth of ammo on my person. You won’t be able to stay In the house all the time, you will have to venture outside the wire so to speak. So what is your current load out for a patrol around your property etc?

              • S. Cullen

                March 8, 2015 at 7:18 pm

                Yup…You are 100% correct….I should have know better…
                Thanks goodness I still have most of my SWAT gear from when I was a SWAT cop in Miami…

              • LWJ

                March 8, 2015 at 8:25 pm

                Thats ok you have that typical LE mindset, which is something that can be easily exploited. Then again most of the warrior cops do these days.

              • S. Cullen

                March 8, 2015 at 8:43 pm

                Thank god one of us have it…
                Good luck…I have the feeling you’ll be needing it more than I will…

              • LWJ

                March 8, 2015 at 9:00 pm

                That you do, shall I give you a thumbs up. Ya never know us Sheeple might be depending on you to come to the rescue, so you better load all that SWAT gear up.
                Would love to see your fortification plans for the dwelling. Sounds like a great tomb.

              • S. Cullen

                March 8, 2015 at 9:04 pm

                Thanks…if I need your advice I’ll call you…
                But I seriously doubt I need your expertise…
                But if you wish…I’ll be happy to send you a bunch of Tootsie Roll pops so you can suck on those….
                Have a great day….
                Later “Mr. Expert”….LOL

              • LWJ

                March 8, 2015 at 9:26 pm

                When it comes to actually defending things, I would not trust somebody with a LE background to do it. I prefer M&Ms though. Enjoy old timer.

              • S. Cullen

                March 8, 2015 at 10:41 pm

                Say good night Alice…and stock up on your “goodies”….Princess!!! I’m sure you’ll scare the living hell out of whatever you go up against….You’ve terrified me for sure…
                Oh Lordie….am I scared of you….
                Send me you number so I can put it in my speed dial….PLEASE!!!!

              • LWJ

                March 8, 2015 at 11:42 pm

                Well your LE background has managed to make you the SME in all things prepping. I think you are scared of being told your wrong and some of your concepts are out in left field. The problem with LE is that you are used to operations in a docile environment where the vast majority of the population will not shoot you on sight. Like the Ferguson PD when they first deployed in August. Piss poor training and tactics with a contempt for anybody not in the “sacred brotherhood” is a feature that shows up more and more in LE. I would not listen to somebody with your experience when it comes to Mout/CQB tactics because there are better more knowledgable people out there.

                I am actually looking at Goose Decoys and cold weather gear, so perhaps you can educate me on that as well Mr. Miami Vice! I would love to hear about your ideas on cold weather survival with your extensive ops tracking drug dealers in 90
                Degree weather. Then perhaps we can discuss deer hunting techniques in the off season when most peppers don’t think about hunting. You can then tell me your way to bag a deer in about 15 minutes or less.

              • S. Cullen

                March 9, 2015 at 8:07 am

                “You can then tell me your way to bag a deer in about 15 minutes or less”.
                Yes I can…stick it up your ass and shit it out of your mouth…
                Have a good one !!!

              • S. Cullen

                March 9, 2015 at 8:18 am

                Your superior knowledge is far beyond my limited capabilities…
                Obviously you’ll succeed far greater than anyone else….since you’ve got it all figured out….
                Therefore I’ll just pack everything in and sell off all my stuff and just sit and wait to fade away into total oblivion ….it’s obvious that it is useless to even attempt to do anything unless one has your superior knowledge, skills and arrogance……
                Therefore I’ll simply no longer take up your valuable time and experience Alice….

              • S. Cullen

                March 9, 2015 at 9:21 am

                Oh Thank you Lord, because I am truly blessed to have this total flaming a**hole come to me to seek guidance….
                Just proves I still have that ability to attract those who suffer from diarrhea of the brain….
                BTW reference to “Miami Vice”, Don Johnson was a total jerk like some whom I’ve very recently had contact with…..
                Philip Michael Thomas however was a nice guy and his wife Cassandra would stop by my office on occasion to visit and was a lovely person….
                But I’m sure you already knew that, since it is obvious you know it all….
                Anyway, I’ve enjoy engaging in the verbal jousting with you and I’ll not keep you further occupied so you can go and find a deer to “bag” ….
                I’ve got to and see pairs of “survival loafers” I have available for trekking in the woods with,,,
                I’ll catch up with you in a week or so….just not sure exactly what year that will be in though….
                But rest assure enjoyed receiving “your astute wisdom and knowledge….now I just have to sit down and figure out in my spare time exactly what you were saying…..
                Until then, have fun, and be safe ….Don’t let Bambi’s father run you over…..

              • LWJ

                March 9, 2015 at 10:15 am

                The sad part is that you have a college degree, or so you say. However your post is pretty hard to follow. Care to resend??

              • S. Cullen

                March 9, 2015 at 10:21 am

                Not really and even if I drew pictures for you it wouldn’t help…
                Some people are severely challenged mentally and nothing can help…even for you.
                Plus my time is better suited than spending it trying to “communicate” with you….
                Go and play with your Lego set and do something constructive …
                Now does that make any sense for you A**HOLE!!!!

        • NRP

          March 8, 2015 at 10:40 pm

          May I suggest you take a lesson in diplomacy?
          S. may be old and someone you find inept, but ya never know who just might be covering your 6 when the SHTF. One of those “old” LEs might be just the one you need to save your smart ass sometime.

        • NRP

          March 12, 2015 at 12:31 pm

          A hug would be great!! Thanks, see I knew you were s softy at heart 🙂
          And yes I’m a “flower child” from the 60s from SO.CA. HAHAHAHA

  3. NRP

    March 6, 2015 at 5:55 pm

    Sir, I say with all due respect, you have a hell of a lot
    more experience that the next 10 people I know. Thank you for the service you
    have given us all in this great country.

    And NO I will never try to out type you… HAHAHA, quite the
    background, and honestly I believe any and all advice/help you can render would
    be greatly appreciated by me/all.

    I would agree with you totally with the grid down soon, with
    the number of “hackers” doing what they are now, can’t be long before some
    punk-ass has his “fun”. OR an EMP about
    20k up over Kansas somewhere.

    I am in a slightly different situation than most also, as we
    all are I guess. I fending for myself, I lost my late wife to cancer 10 years
    back, and with no family here I’m more of a loaner I guess. Unfortunately that
    makes it even harder, been trying to get a group here going but OPSEC is more
    of a concern for me at this point.

    I’m guessing you’re not so much in a need of putting a
    little of that budget into training??? HAHAHA JKing I LOVE it…. “Otherwise,
    I’ve lived a VERY BORING life…..” HAHAHAHAHA Good for you Steve, if I may
    call you Steve, it would be my privilege. And YES I remember Paul Harvey so
    very well…….


    • S. Cullen

      March 6, 2015 at 6:07 pm

      Oh there’s more…but not trying to say “oh look at me”…
      A lot of the things I’ve been involved in I really wish I never got to experience…Trust me…
      I just seem to have an “unique ability” of attracting bad things…
      My nickname was “dark cloud”….for obvious reasons…
      The good Lord put me on this earth for a reason….even that has a story with it….
      But through it all He’s also given me a few crosses to carry as well…didn’t get to choose them, but carried them the best I could…and He’s allowed me not to give up.
      But all my experiences and ups and downs however, have made me a survivor and taking on challenges is something I do routinely….
      I fear nothing and no one….and not many can say that.
      But I’ve got to do a lot of things in my life, meet some very interesting people and hopefully when all is said and done a few I’ve been able to help along the way….
      Hopefully my time here will get me to Heaven someday in the not to distant future….
      My rodeo is almost over, but I’ve got a chapter or two left I’m guessing….LOL

  4. BobW

    March 7, 2015 at 10:40 am

    Good thoughts. Not all of us have a ranch on which we can stash 1000 55-gal barrels, a million feet of bub-wire, etc.. I embellish the quantities for humors sake, but it all falls to one of the last things you mention. The plan.

    While I agree that a robust plan is critical to any successful mission, the reality is that execution of said plan is where ‘the rubber meets the road.’ I can plan the S**T out of an op, but it takes a more task oriented team member to ensure all the details are completed to ensure mission success. I’m not that task/detail oriented person. I’m the concept/vision guy, coming up with the strategy to get there, then household6 steps in and directs efforts like a 5’4″ drill sergeant.

    Everyone needs to remember one thing. Even a crappy plan executed with dedication is better than the best plan executed poorly. If folks don’t get out there and start doing something, there will be no one to blame but the person pointing the finger.

    • S. Cullen

      March 7, 2015 at 5:45 pm

      I’m fully aware that storing a bunch of 55 gal drums of gas for some simply isn’t possible…urban and suburban areas obviously are problematic…
      In the rural country it’s not…and that’s where I’m at, so I can get it done.
      In some of my previous homes I wouldn’t have been able to do it for a day let alone for a week.
      Here???? Not an issue…
      But like I said everyone’s needs are different and their ability to do XYZ varies….
      Planning???? I’m use to doing that, since I had to do OP’s for some 30 years….so it’s something I’m use to doing….

    • S. Cullen

      March 10, 2015 at 9:59 am

      You have to have some plan in place…most don’t…
      Plus you’ve got to store resources since there’s a good possibility you won’t be able to get stuff post SHTF situation….so either have it beforehand or you may well be SOL…
      Time is the wildcard here….no one knows when it will happen if it does….
      No one knew 9/11 would take place on 9/10….
      And that was accomplished using planes and box cutters…
      What will happen??? Have no idea….
      Will it happen though and could it quite possibly be something totally “outside the box”???? Very possible….
      Is it possibly be that post SHTF event(s) take place, that no stores will be open, no sources available to run out and get stuff….either you have all things in place beforehand or you might well be SOL going forth….
      Now are my ideas 100% right and everyone else’s flawed??? Have no idea….
      I’m just doing what I think will work for me…all others are perfectly free and able to do things as they wish and good luck to all.
      Something is better than nothing which probably 90% of the population out there aren’t doing…and those are the ones who are going to be desperate after about 7 days….
      Just my humble opinions….Yours may vary….

  5. BobW

    March 8, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    While I generally agree with the sentiment that you can’t have too much ammo, I think each person needs to seriously consider what they intend to do with each platform.

    Simply stated, one cannot carry all that ammo with them if one must displace and leave home. Each team must determine whos carrying what, and how much they can reasonably carry for EDC (working on roofs, gardens, etc), security/patrolling, and bug-out situations.

    Unless your homestead is truly defensible, having thousands of each round type seems excessive. I have staged in depth. A few sharp sticks in each room, out back, one holding up the scare crow, etc.. It’ll be like Braveheart when I set those sharp sticks for their charge. FREEDOM!

    • S. Cullen

      March 8, 2015 at 3:39 pm

      My home/area is defensible and I’m staying put…

      It’s about the best I can do with for now…

      That’s why I’m doing what I am doing….

  6. S. Cullen

    March 9, 2015 at 9:32 am

    NRP…I think we’re spitting in the wind with this one…
    He’s got all the answers…
    One thing the military and LE have in common is when the rubber hits the road everyone covers everyone’s else’s “6”…
    That’s why Military and LE have similar training….and get to carry weapons….
    At the end of the day (or shift) it’s Goal #1 that everyone comes home safe….
    LWJ probably couldn’t make it in either the military or LE and has an “ax to grind”….obviously….
    I’m a big boy, and dealt with the “worse of the worse”, even by prison standards in my time…(Child Molesters) and did so successfully….
    I’ve also commanded 9 in-progress armed home invasion robberies as a supervisor involving armed Haitian gangs and did so successfully….
    So I know what I’ve able to do….
    LWJ???? All I think he knows how to do is shot a defenseless deer….

    • NRP

      March 9, 2015 at 12:59 pm

      @ S. Cullen
      Well “spitting in the wind” is not always a bad thing if you’re in dire need of a shower, At least you know when the “spit” is coming from, HAHAHAHA

      • S. Cullen

        March 9, 2015 at 1:14 pm

        I was trying to keep it clean here….you may substitute some other body fluid as you choose…
        “Mary” obviously has some serious psychological issues that require intensive treatment ….
        It just proves that for some, “reason”(ing) is in short supply …
        Oh well I enjoyed the bantering back and forth….brought back memories of dealing with the “yo yo’s” from days gone bye….(smile)

      • S. Cullen

        March 9, 2015 at 1:39 pm

        I’m doing security management at a state public safety training site that trains a variety of local, county, state and federal public safety people, both instate and out of state.
        So I get to talk to a lot of them who come on site.
        Most of them are saying to me that “Intel” out there that they are getting isn’t not good at all as far as to what might be coming down the pike soon. Most of them seem to be doing their own form of “prepping” just incase…..
        Also, when you ask them about what they’ve got stored up for weapons & ammo etc, it seems that 15 or more guns are the usual they say they have and they are also storing up as much ammo as they can get their hands on.
        Their thinking is based on what they feel they’ll possibly need just in case, as well as afterwards, should no ammo be available for purchasing or incase events lead to production stopping.
        That way their weapons won’t become useless paperweights…
        Now this is their thoughts….not mine, but 10,000 rounds of ammo seems to be the general point of where they want to be.
        I’ve even had one tell me that he’s got about 30,000 rounds of .223 ammo on hand and is looking for an additional 10,000 more rounds just incase Obama gets this .223 ban passed.
        200 rounds won’t do anyone much good…
        That’s why I’m up around 6,500 rounds now for my weapons and I’m trying to get as much as I can over the next few months.
        If this .223 ban goes into effect look for other ammo to be banned as well until only “BB” will be allowed…

  7. LWJ

    March 9, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    NRP Cullen is quite the blow hard and no he would not cover my six at all. He would be a liability out here. He could not keep up, and LE training differs in quite a few regards compared to the stuff Uncle Sugar teaches. As far as his plan to fortify his house I would love to hear his ideas on how he is going to do it. I can’t even get a straight forward answer on what he plans to carry on his person for a combat loadout. It is the evasions to these simple questions that make me think he has not planned that situation out. Or has an alternative if his home becomes indefensible for whatever reason. Would he like to discuss this in a rationale manner I am game. Just don’t expect the hero worship for an East Coast cop.

    • NRP

      March 11, 2015 at 10:23 pm

      Excuse me? “I was trying to keep it clean here….you may substitute some other body fluid as you choose…” nice, your very eloquent with your mouth.
      LWJ, if you cant discuss something without the insults and comments like “blow hard” and “Just don’t expect the hero worship for an East Coast cop.” than in all reality your more of a loser than you think S. is.
      It’s always been the one that cusses or becomes annoying is the real loser. I have read both of your comments and in my opinion for what it’s worth your just exhaling your frustrations at someone that may have been a good resource. but it seems your so full of yourself and such an expert on everything you wont listen so anyone else.
      Why do you think anyone would need to explain what and how they are preparing?
      Best of luck with that attitude, Life is not always about being smarter than the next, but knowing when to shut up and listen for a bit.
      We will see if your smart as you think and just shut up now……

      • LWJ

        March 11, 2015 at 10:35 pm

        Would you like to hug it out?? I am all about the peace, love, joy and happiness. However you do know what they say about opinions!

      • S. Cullen

        March 13, 2015 at 12:57 pm

        I’m out of here…
        With LWJ hanging around, I’ll let him have the forum and I’m gone…..He’s reached “expert stage”…I’m just a local yokel from the “pumpkin patch”….
        Good luck…It’s been a trip!!!!
        As we use to say “someone wouldn’t even make a pimple on a LEO’s butt”…
        Wonder who that might be???? (LOL)….

      • S. Cullen

        March 13, 2015 at 5:22 pm

        I learned a long time ago don’t try to reason with an idiot or a drunk…guess your not drunk…one out of two ain’t bad…

        Discuss plans with you???? Only if you happen to mean something to me…therefore you don’t count.

        What I’m carrying or have???? Got enough to do the job…but since you need me to repeat myself

        9’s/40’s/223/5.56’s/12 gauge “00” and slug…

        Red dots with mags…

        As far as what my “game plan is” …it’ simple…No of your F’in business “Dudette”…That I only share with those who I choose to share it with and you definitely ain’t in that category…

        Would I cover your back???? Seriously don’t think so….

        He’s the deal…

        $5,000 certified check ….sent to Pat Henry….for verification…

        Along with my training, college, Commendations, Evals ect…(Docs)…..I have proof….and I would love to “pick your pocket” of $5,000….
        Then I’ll put up my email address again and 10 people here can email me and I’ll send them copies of the docs as well so they can verify….
        I have no issue put it out there, but it’s going to cost you some $$$ to see it…
        (He ain’t got the “COJones” to call me on this…They usually don’t….

        So “Mouth”…either put up of shut up….

        BTW when you have some accomplishments under your belt, it’s not “blowhard”…it’s confidence…

        Seems the only thing your into is buying a winter jacket and hunting a defenseless deer….impressive…NOT!!!!

        • LWJ

          March 13, 2015 at 6:16 pm

          I learned a long time ago to try to use spell check if possible it helps.I also like hunting waterfowl, upland game birds and Coyotes when given the chance. I don’t care for long walks on the beach though.
          The orginal question was what was your planned load out, not what do you have in your inventory. Since your not going to answer that , I don’t see the point of your post. I have come to the conclusion that your the human version of Hammy the Squirrel.
          Most people when pressed for cash, try to earn it. I can come to the conclusion that spending 5 grand to see your Diploma from Crayola is not worth it.

          • S. Cullen

            March 13, 2015 at 7:03 pm

            Didn’t think you’d bite…you can’t put anything out there but your mouth…and that’s about as useful as tits on a bull obviously…
            Come back and talk to me when you grow up Junior…until them grow up…and eat your Wheaties and then maybe you can play with the big boys…
            have a good one…LOL

            • LWJ

              March 13, 2015 at 8:05 pm

              Thanks Miami Vice but 5 K to see your creds is a waste of money. I do thank you for working on your spelling and grammar. I am still waiting for more than your prepper stats though.

              • S. Cullen

                March 13, 2015 at 8:43 pm

                Pay up Mary and you’ll see them…otherwise shut up…your mouth is starting to turn to…ah, figure it out if you can.
                No go eat your Wheaties…and grow up and then maybe you can run with the big dogs…Junior…

              • LWJ

                March 13, 2015 at 8:53 pm

                Sorry Miami but your just to old to run with. Now get the Ben gay out, I know this typing is killing your hands.

              • S. Cullen

                March 13, 2015 at 9:05 pm

                Actually my secretary is handling my “lite stuff”…
                So I’m good Junior….

              • LWJ

                March 13, 2015 at 9:31 pm

                Do they also happen to working on your life story one cave painting at a time?

              • S. Cullen

                March 13, 2015 at 10:33 pm

                Good one…I like that….but keep the full time job at Mickey D’s until after you graduate from High School, if you can….I see a promotion come to you, from moping floors to washing dishes…(smile)….
                Got to tell you, there’s a few who are emailing from here and really are enjoying you doing a great job of showing your butt….dress that up as well????

              • LWJ

                March 13, 2015 at 10:40 pm

                I am sure your fan club is a swell bunch! I might save the floors for tomorrow though. Perhaps I can even show you the fine art of manual labor! I will say this, if they can see my butt then my dog is going to be fired. Off
                to bed Cullen, we can continue the duel tomorrow.

              • S. Cullen

                March 14, 2015 at 7:03 am

                Carry on Jr. ..I might be around then again I’ve got other commitments so you may have to play by yourself….But I’m sure you’ll be able to amuse yourself in the sandbox….surely you’ll be able to find someone else to dis on in my absence….
                If not try not to become to bored in my absence….
                But remember, BEHAVE ….or you might be sent to your room….
                The “Old Man”…..(grins & chuckles)……

              • LWJ

                March 14, 2015 at 8:55 am

                Don’t have to much fun without me. We need another topic to discuss. I also meant to ask what kind of Red Dots do you have mounted on the AR’s?

                The wife will not send me to my room, normally she sends me to Walmart on pay day weekend when I am on her Shit list. Now it is time for coffee.

              • LWJ

                March 14, 2015 at 9:53 am

                I will try but normally when I am in trouble the wife sends me to Walmart on pay day weekend. So what kind of red dots do you have?

              • S. Cullen

                March 14, 2015 at 3:10 pm

                Does it really matter?…I’m sure it won’t meet your approval.

                Doesn’t seem that much does….

                However it works fine for me…and that all that matters.

              • Pat Henry

                March 14, 2015 at 4:07 pm

                I think he was trying to make up Steve.

              • S. Cullen

                March 15, 2015 at 12:35 pm

                LOL…I’m just being “hard to get” Pat…or a PITA!!!! (smile)

                Hey what do you expect…I’m a Bostonian…I’ve got the wicked attitude!!!! …and I’m not just a southern Guy….

                Also I use to be with a large police agency out in Southern Nevada at one time, but I don’t want to be a blow hard so I won’t drop any names there….(LOL)

                Other than that I’ve done little in my life….it’s been SOOOOO BORING!!!!!! LOL!!!!

                I’ve got the Vortex Sparc II set up on both of them…with Magpul MBUS rear sites to go with the fix front sights…

                Dicks as well as Amazon had these sights for $199 and I got them from the shop for $169 each…

                The reviews I came across said they were very good sights…so that’s what I went with…

                I’ve tried them out and they’re working got to 200 yards at the moment…

                Beyond 200 yards I have no issues…at least for now….

              • LWJ

                March 14, 2015 at 7:20 pm

                I was just curious as to what you had on them. As long as you don’t carry a Kimber I won’t get the rope out.

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